Surfshark for MacOS

We have just released a new version – 3.4.0 – of the Surfshark VPN for macOS (available via the App Store and our website). The update is exceptional as it includes full compatibility with the new Apple M1 chip.

As of now, Surfshark is one of the very few VPN providers to offer this compatibility. The reason for it is that it offers a lot of tangible benefits for our users, including but not limited to a better experience, longer battery life (if compared to apps that are not fully compatible with M1), and no additional software requirements.

What does M1 compatibility mean for you?

This update is important because if you have a new version of Apple MacBook or iMac, you will be able to use Surfshark without needing extra software, such as Rosseta 2. 

It also means that your battery will last longer when compared to using applications that do not support M1 natively. Plus, the VPN performance in terms of speed and stability will also be better.

What else did we improve?

Since this update required our developers to rework the application’s architecture and tweak its frameworks to comply with Apple’s requirements and recommendations, we also implemented additional updates to ensure a better experience.

Surfshark VPN for macOS 3.4.0 also comes with performance improvements and data transfer enhancements for Wireguard and OpenVPN protocols, which will help you get the smoothest performance on your Apple device yet.

At the time being, we’re also working on exciting new developments on the whole Surfshark level. As per usual, we will also keep improving our applications on all platforms. Stay tuned to be the first to know once we release something new.