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Here’s how to buy a VPN with bitcoin cryptocurrency

  • An anonymous way to buy an online privacy tool
  • A safe means to pay
  • Even Surfshark won’t know you have Surfshark
Here’s how to buy a VPN with bitcoin cryptocurrency
How to buy a VPN with cryptocurrency

How to buy a VPN with cryptocurrency

If you need a VPN for bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, here’s how you can subscribe to it:

  1. Go to the Surfshark order page
  2. Choose the plan you like (hint: the longer-lasting ones are more economical).
  3. Enter the email address you’ll use to manage your account (you probably want to use one that isn’t under your real name).
  4. (Optional) Say “yes” to Surfshark Alert, Search, and Antivirus optional features.
  5. Select “Cryptocurrency” under the payment options. 
  6. Choose whether you want to pay with CoinGate or CoinPayments.
  7. Click “Confirm purchase.”
  8. Follow the instructions on your chosen platform! 

As long as you already have a crypto wallet – and if you’re reading this article, we’re fairly certain you do – you should do swimmingly. Congrats on your blockchain VPN purchase!

Platforms and payments Surfshark accepts

When buying Surfshark VPN with cryptocurrency, you have the choice of two platforms: CoinGate and CoinPayments. They each accept different currencies:

CoinGate CoinPayments
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Ethereum Ethereum
Bitcoin Cash BEAM
Nano Litecoin

At the time of writing, some cryptocurrencies normally accepted on CoinGate were omitted because they were disabled due to order value being too low, which just proves what a great deal the Surfshark VPN 2-year plan is.

Why use cryptocurrency to buy a VPN?

You get a VPN to be more private, and there’s no more private method of purchasing a VPN than with bitcoin! Under ordinary circumstances, you’d use your bank account to pay for a VPN subscription. However, this would tie your name to the VPN purchase and ownership. 

Unlike the usual ways of paying for a VPN, cryptocurrency is anonymous and untraceable. This is a very strong point if you live in a country that bans VPN use. They aren’t many, but they exist. And the more distance you put between yourself and the proof that you paid for a VPN, the better.

It also makes it harder for your data to be leaked or seized from the VPN provider. Surfshark operates under a no-logs policy (so no data is kept on the VPN server outside what’s needed to maintain the connection) and is based in the Netherlands because of their favorable privacy laws. But even in such a case, not giving the VPN providers your name can still seem like an attractive option.

Why use cryptocurrency to buy a VPN?
What benefits does a VPN bring for crypto users?

What benefits does a VPN bring for crypto users?

Crypto users immediately benefit from a VPN app as it satisfies their need for security and privacy. And when it comes to working with crypto, a VPN can:

  • make your trades harder to intercept
  • help against phishing attacks
  • add another barrier for malware and viruses
  • prevent IP tracking by imprinting a VPN server’s (instead of your device’s) IP on your blockchain address
  • provide DNS leak protection 
  • allow overcoming government blocks on crypto activities.

Does a VPN make me anonymous?

No, a VPN itself does not make you anonymous – nothing can. A lot of it depends on how you act online. However, using a VPN makes it a lot easier to be safer and more private online. 

  • It changes your real IP address so you don’t leave a digital footprint online.
  • It obscures your activities from your internet service provider by encrypting your internet traffic, so they can’t know where, when, and what you’re browsing. 
  • Websites and services won’t be able to tell who you are until you log in to an account or otherwise reveal your data.

It provides additional security with features like Kill Switch, which disconnects you from the internet if the VPN connection drops.

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Can I pay for a VPN with bitcoin?

Yes, you can pay for Surfshark with crypto. We accept bitcoin payments via CoingGate or CoinPayments. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum may also be used to buy a Surfshark VPN subscription anonymously. 

Should you buy a VPN with crypto?

You should buy a VPN with bitcoin if:

  • You don’t want the VPN provider to know who you are;
  • You want to hide your VPN purchase from whoever has access to your normal banking records.

Buy a VPN with Bitcoin!

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