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One VPN router can protect all of your devices

  • Any Wi-Fi capable device is protected immediately
  • One router - multiple hotspots, each connecting to a different server
  • Preconfigured for Surfshark for a fast and easy setup
  • Secure and automatic updates
  • Parental controls for managing time-of-day and website access

Unlock the world of privacy and security

Hide all the IPs

With a VPN router, the IPs of all of the devices that connect to it will be hidden, and their data transmissions will be encrypted. Handy in the case that the ISP might want to spy on you.

Block ads

Begone, pesky smart TV advertising! A VPN router makes it a lot harder for advertisers to track any connected device.

Secure your entire home

You don’t need to install a VPN on everything you own. With a VPN router, you’ll connect all of your devices, your family’s devices, and even your friends’ when they come over.

Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.

Grab an InvizBox router and secure your entire home network

Surfshark VPN allows for unlimited simultaneous installs. But do you want to go through the bother of installing it on every device? Get a VPN router, and you’ll instantly protect any device that connects to its Wi-Fi hotspot!

  • Works on any Wi-Fi connected device: phones, computers, smart TVs, consoles, lamps!
  • Allows you to set up multiple VPN hotspots, each connected to a VPN server in a different country. No need to change the VPN settings – just switch the Wi-Fi network.
  • Comes with parental controls: you can block websites and set time of day limits. Best of all, you can do that on a separate Wi-Fi hotspot, so your own internet use remains undisturbed!

Get VPN protection that’s easier to use than ever

InvizBox makes VPN routers you can set up basically in your sleep. Control your router via an easy-to-use, optimized-for-VPN app or browser interface. And best of all, none of these features sacrifice security for comfort.

Hardware is specifically configured to handle VPN work. Comes already configured for Surfshark – no need to flash the router yourself.  Automatic security feature and VPN server updates are all delivered securely over Tor. Uses OpenVPN – a tried, tested, and trusted open-source software. InvizBox itself is open source, meaning that anyone can check the code! 
VPN Kill Switch technology ensures that if the VPN protection goes down, so does your internet connection. No accidental unprotected surfing! InvizBox 2 routers come with unique and secure passwords. In comparison, your current one might be using “admin” as both username and password. 

Always be in control of your network

InvizBox can easily form separate hotspots – this allows it to create one dedicated for your Internet of Things devices. Use the InvizBox app on your phone or browser to block any devices you don’t know. That’s right, your neighbor won’t be stealing your Wi-Fi anymore even if they guess your password

Are you already a Surfshark user? Then get the router that supercharges your VPN!

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