Surfshark updates: September 2023

As summer’s embrace gently wanes, we bring you the latest Surfshark news. From the changing seasons to the hottest updates, join us on our September news tour.

Table of contents

    Now it’s easier to find fastest locations

    Our iOS 3.13.1 and macOS 4.12.0 users can now instantly connect to the fastest location. All you have to do is connect to a country you like, and our app will find the best server in that country automatically.

    We updated Linux app notifications 

    After the newest Linux 1.6.0  app update, you’ll receive in-app guidance on what to do if your Kill Switch settings interfere with your VPN connection settings. In addition to that, you’ll get notified once your Surfshark app auto-connects.

    We released the Digital Quality of Life Index 2023

    We just updated our DQL, so it’s time to check where your country ranks based on internet affordability, internet quality, e-infrastructure, e-security, and e-government. This year we have a new number one — it’s France. Want to know more about it or check the ranking of your country? Check out our DQL.

    We received a VPN Trust badge

    We have earned the Trust Seal badge from the VPN Trust Initiative! This badge shows that we successfully completed VPN Trust Initiative’s accreditation process, and it recognizes us as a trustworthy VPN provider.

    We released many app updates

    So here’s your checklist to see if you have the latest Surfshark app:

    • Windows 5.1
    • Android 3.2.0
    • MacOS 4.11
    • iOS 3.13.1
    • Linux 1.6.0
    • Firefox extension 4.3.1
    • Chrome extension  4.3.1