Surfshark earns the Trust Seal badge from the VPN Trust Initiative

Surfshark ends September with an important accomplishment — we have earned the Trust Seal badge from the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI)! This badge shows that we successfully completed VPN Trust Initiative’s accreditation process, and it recognizes us as firm upholders of their principles and a trustworthy VPN provider. Let’s dive deeper into what this means for you and for us. 

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    What is the Trust Seal badge? 

    VPN Trust Initiative recently announced its new VPN principles’ accreditation program. It provides a clear public indicator that a participating VPN provider follows established best practices for delivering services in the following areas: 

    • Security: VPNs will use the necessary security measures, including strong encryption and authentication protocols, to appropriately address the risks;
    • Advertising Practices: Given the complexity and different use cases for VPNs, claims must not be misleading;
    • Privacy: VPNs should keep as little data as they deem necessary to provide the service and only produce data to law enforcement when legally required;
    • Disclosure and Transparency: VPNs provide greater security and privacy — social goods that are important to those trying to make the world a better place;
    • Social responsibility: VPN providers will promote VPN technology to support access to the global internet and freedom of expression.

    What does it mean to be trusted by the VTI?

    Passing the accreditation assessment means Surfshark’s values and actions align with the VTI principles. They serve as a comprehensive set of best practices for VPN providers that bolster consumer confidence and provider accountability, promoting wider VPN adoption and access to the technology’s benefits. This also means that VPN providers hold each other accountable for their work ethics and practices, setting the highest standards for each other. It is essential to know which providers to trust in this crowded industry, and this accomplishment will ease the selection process for current and future users of Surfshark, as well as many external partners.

    What does it mean to you — our (potential) customer?

    Our successful completion of VTI’s accreditation assessment shows that we are a trustworthy VPN provider with strong security and privacy ethics. Our advertisements are not misleading or exaggerated, and we care about VPN technology’s ability to help those battling restrictions on freedom of speech or internet censorship. In other words — our claims always represent our actions, and this is recognized by the VPN Trust Initiative.