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Welcome to a fresh start of 2024! Let’s begin this year with a batch of our monthly news. From the new audit to your requested updates, we have it all. 

Alternative ID is free with all Surfshark bundles

Not so long ago, we released a feature that generates a brand-new online identity & an email for you to use online. We call it Alternative ID, and now it comes in all Surfshark bundles, including Starter. 

This means you can keep your email address & name private without extra costs. Use Alternative ID and be safer online than ever before. Don’t give your info to one-time-used websites, sites with vague protection practices, or brands you don’t trust. 

Surfshark passed the MASA audit

Surfshark Android app passed an independent Mobile App Security Assessment (MASA) audit. Independent, Google-approved third-party auditors evaluated how the Surfshark app handles sensitive data, authenticates its users, manages their sessions, & more. 

This means the app is safe and handles your data with the highest security. Check out this article for more information about the MASA audit.

Surfshark Alert indicates the severity of data breaches

From now on, Surfshark Alert will classify data breaches based on their severity, which ranges from high to medium to low. This classification will help you understand the seriousness of a data breach.

Breaches containing personally identifiable or sensitive information, like IDs, card information, and passwords, will be marked as high severity.

Leaks containing potentially identifiable information like names, phone numbers, and addresses will have a medium severity label.

And low severity breaches will be those containing non-identifiable information, like your social media follower count, shoe size, etc.

In addition to this breach classification, you can choose to receive email breach reports monthly instead of quarterly or yearly.

Find server locations easily on Windows

After updating your app to 5.4.0 or later, you’ll get a drop-down menu of all available locations in a specific country. They’ll be grouped under the name of your selected country, and this group will include the fastest server for you.

We started this year with some good news

Update your apps, enjoy our uplifted features and other fixes, but most importantly, check out Alternative ID! And if you wish to know more about these updates, check our video: