To watch ITV Hub outside the UK, you need to get a VPN, connect to a server in the UK, and then watch ITV.

Who wants to block your access to your ITV hub? ISPs (Internet Service Providers), hackers, and similar evildoers! What can you do to stop them? Why, get a VPN (Virtual Private Network), of course! With an ITV VPN, you can freely enjoy your dramas, soaps, films, and even live TV on ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, ITV4, and CITV.

Why use a VPN to watch ITV Hub? 

The short answer is security, privacy, and, in some cases, speed.

Stream ITV Hub with a VPN for security and privacy

As I mentioned before, having a VPN on will make you feel safe because it will make you safe. A VPN encrypts all of your data and routes it through a server of its own. This means that your traffic remains invisible and your real location unknown.

So when you run and connect to your VPN to watch ITV Hub, all your connection requests are encrypted (hidden) before being sent to the server. This way, you can rest assured that you’re always protected by a VPN, so you can watch your favorite ITV shows without worries.

Avoid ISP throttling

Ever had your internet connection start stuttering without any reason? Ask your ISP, they might know.

ISPs are notorious for capping (throttling) their user’s bandwidth when they stream or download files. This saves some of the provider’s resources at the expense of your speed.

If that is in any way relatable, then try a VPN. Since it hides your internet traffic, the ISPs don’t know what you’re doing – or when to throttle your connection.

How to watch ITV Hub

To get your ITV VPN, you will need to follow these three steps to install Surfshark

How to set up your VPN & ITV Hub
  1. Choose a plan; 
  2. Select your payment type; 
  3. Create an account.

Now that your VPN is ready to go, here’s how you watch ITV Hub abroad: 

How to set up your VPN & ITV Hub
  1. Open your Surfshark VPN;
  2. Go to the ‘Locations’ tab; 
  3. Choose any UK server;
  4. Visit;
  5. Log in & you’re ready to view all content!

What VPN works best with ITV Hub? 

A premium VPN (rather than free) is your best option if you want to access ITV Hub. And Surfshark is just the premium VPN for you:

  • Plenty of servers with a UK IP address;
  • No DNS leaks;
  • Great encryption;
  • Fast speeds;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

But there are more benefits that come from choosing Surfshark for ITV Hub!

VPN benefits that will make streaming a breeze

Unlimited devices

With just one subscription, the whole family can enjoy VPN security at the same time! Shhh, we won’t tell mom that dad is secretly watching Love Island on his phone!

Connect your VPN to laptops (macOS, Windows, Linux), phones, and tablets (iOS, Android), browser plug-ins (Chrome, Firefox), Smart TVs (FireTV, AppleTV), and gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation). Also, there’s no need to worry about the connection speed because Surfshark does not have any bandwidth limitations. 

Fast & HD streaming

Fancy binge-watching? With Surfshark, you can watch all shows and movies in high definition. Its servers are optimized for speed and security, so you are guaranteed smooth streaming.

Without bandwidth limitations, Surfshark will mask your IP address yet not incur any real speed loss on ITV or any other platform like Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

3200+ servers worldwide

With an increasing list of servers every week, you can virtually go anywhere in the world! Connecting to a different country with a VPN can allow you to bypass censorship or blocked websites.

Get a feature-packed VPN for ITV Hub

All deals come with a 30-day money-back guarantee

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What if ITV Hub does not work with a VPN? 

You should never have to miss shows like X-Factor, Downton Abbey, or Coronation Street just because of a VPN block. So if you’re using Surfshark and ITV Hub is not working, just choose a different server and you’ll be good to go.

Until recently, ITV Hub worked without problems with any VPN provider that offered a fast enough transfer speed when streaming ITV Hub abroad. Now, things have changed. Services like ITV Hub have started blacklisting IP addresses they think come from VPN users.

But, because Surfshark has VPN servers in spades (including in the UK), these restrictions will mean nothing to you.

What to do if I see an ITV error code? 

If you see ITV Hub error 2000 or Error ref: 006 when you try to connect to ITV Hub, it does not mean that Surfshark is not working with ITV Hub. The service might just be detecting that you’re using a VPN or that you’re connecting via a server that isn’t in the UK. 

To solve this issue, you should:

  1. Connect to a VPN server in the UK;
  2. Clear your cookies beforehand; 
  3. Connect to the ITV hub again.

This should clear any issues with the aforementioned error codes! 

Why does ITV Hub not work abroad? 

As mentioned before, ITV Hub does not work abroad unless you subscribe to ITV Hub plus, and even then, your ITV Hub account will block some shows. But why? It is because not all shows  – like Love Island and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – hold international rights.

When you stream ITV Hub channels, your IP (Internet Protocol) address gives away your location. Due to the licensing restrictions, if it appears that your IP address is not in the UK, you won’t be able to watch any shows, films, or series. Even if you’ve previously registered your ITV Hub account inside the UK, you will not be able to watch any shows when you step outside of the country. 

The UK’s legislation for the media industry found in the Communications Act of 2003 was set to maintain all broadcasts strictly in the UK. This regional licensing maintained by the Office of Communication (Ofcom) includes ITV and BBC as major outlets.

In conclusion: Get a VPN for your ITV Hub

When it comes to maintaining the privacy and speed of your ITV streaming, you can’t beat a VPN. So keep both hackers and pesky ISPs away by using Surfshark! And hey, if it helps with securing your ITV Hub, it also helps with securing your other online activities as well. How’s that for a universal tool?

Stream ITV without borders with a VPN

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Can I watch ITV with VPN?

Yes, you just need a good, premium VPN to do it. 

Why is Surfshark not working with ITV Hub?

If Surfshark is not working with your ITV hub, ITV might be detecting that you’re connecting from a banned IP address. Use a different VPN server and try again. 

Can you watch ITV outside the UK?

You can watch ITV outside the UK but only if you use a VPN to do so.