Introducing Incogni: Deleting your data from online databases for you

Surfshark is constantly working on new privacy tools and services. That’s why we can proudly present Incogni. What does it do? It contacts data brokers on your behalf with requests to delete the data they have on you, helping you escape the clutches of online marketing. Let us explain this all in more detail. 

What are data brokers?

Data brokers collect data on you from anywhere they can: public records, apps you use, services you log in to – the works. Such data can include names, ages, genders, phone numbers, as well as a wide variety of interests. 

All of that allows them to create an intrusive portrait of you – and then sell it to marketers or anyone else willing to pay for it. These third parties can then even use it for tailored marketing campaigns or other business decisions.

The data broker business is booming, as the market was worth 233 billion in 2019, and has only grown since. Luckily, there are some regulations in place that allow you to request that your data be deleted… but it isn’t that easy in practice. 

How do I get the brokers to delete my data?

There are two main laws that mandate the brokers to delete your data on request: the European GDPR and the Californian CCPA. 

However, it’s not that easy. With money on the line, companies can sometimes try to avoid complying with data removal requests by making you jump through some hoops, which costs time. 

According to our study, if you were to contact one broker at a time, it could take 66 years to finalize your data inquiry requests as there are around 4000 such companies around the world.

Here’s where Surfshark and Incogni come in. The Incogni team, equipped with the legal experience you may not have, will speed this process up for you. Instead of having to read through reams of legalese and having to remember which brokers answered emails at all, you’ll be able to simply observe the process via our updates. 

How does Incogni work?

We’ve endeavoured to make registering with Incogni as easy as possible. You just need to follow the registration process:

Step 1: Fill out a form with your contact information.

Step 2: Sign the power of attorney document.

Step 3: Confirm your email and that’s it. You’re good to go!

Once you’re set up, the Incogni team will contact data brokers on your behalf to request your personal data to be removed from their databases. At the moment, Incogni has procedures in place for handling requests to 76 brokers, and we plan to increase the number in the future. 

You will be able to follow the progress on:

  • how many companies were contacted;
  • which companies have deleted your data;
  • which companies are in the process of deleting your data.

What regions is Incogni available in?

For now, due to being dependent on local data handling legislation, Incogni is available only in Europe and the U.S.

Incogni is also part of the CR Digital Lab initiative, working together with multiple companies to develop a Data Rights Protocol that will provide a standard method for consumers to exercise their data rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act and beyond.

Start recovering your privacy today

The data brokers are out there, always watching, always scraping your data. They rest safe, knowing that reclaiming your privacy would be a long and annoying process. But it doesn’t have to be – get Incogni to do it for you. 

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