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Upon popular demand, we’re introducing our free and secure DNS resolver Trust DNS for iOS users. It can already be found in the Apple Store. Use it to enjoy an increased level of privacy and access websites that are inaccessible due to DNS-level blocks.

Surfshark Trust DNS app for iOS allows people who live in or travel to heavily restrictive countries access blocked websites, such as Wikipedia, in Indonesia, or YouTube in Iran.

“People trust privacy software companies to protect their data, which essentially means they are handing highly sensitive information to the service provider. However, many people cannot afford premium protection software and thus resort to untrustworthy free apps. Seeking to generate profit, free service providers often track users’ online activities and share data with third-parties. Having that in mind, we created Trust DNS to grant a basic level of protection for everyone as an embodiment of our company values,” says Naomi Hodges, Cybersecurity advisor at Surfshark.

Previously available only for Android devices Trust DNS app enables iOS users to disguise their browsing activities from anyone who monitors customers’ web usage, including internet surveilling agencies and service providers. As many carriers worldwide are building massive ad-tracking networks, DNS over HTTP encryption makes tracking user data more complicated.

Trust DNS for iOS is not only free but also doesn’t contain any ads. In addition to this, the app does not require registration and is fully reliant on a strict Surfshark’s No Logs Policy.

The app’s intuitive design makes it incredibly easy to navigate.

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Trust DNS works on Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, 3G, and all other internet data transfer networks with iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

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