SoundCloud unblocked - a simple solution to melodize your school and work in 2023

SoundCloud was created by two Swedish sound designers and musicians as a platform for artists to share their art with the whole world. Then why does your school, work, or even country block access to it? Does your country have no taste? We’re here to find out but, whatever the reasons are, we need to look into how to unblock a streaming service like SoundCloud.

Note: This article is aimed specifically at unblocking SoundCloud. But it doesn’t mean that the methods outlined here wouldn’t work for other music streaming services. Whether they operate via a browser or an app, they’re usually blocked in similar ways. That’s why methods to unblock SoundCloud at school/work/uni work for other music services as well. How do you do it? I’m glad you asked.

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    Unblock SoundCloud on your smartphone and laptop with a VPN app

    This method assumes that you have administrator rights on your computer/device; that is, you can install the software.

    1. Download and install a VPN. If you have ever installed an app or a piece of software in your life, you can do this easily. The hardest part is choosing the app.
    2. Connect to a server. Once you’ve installed the VPN app, launch it. You will have the option to choose the VPN server you want to connect to. Premium VPNs like Surfshark will offer the option of automatically connecting you to the closest, fastest server. 
    3. Enjoy SoundCloud. Just go to their webpage or open the app. A VPN will overcome all the blocks your network administrator has in place. 

    Unblock SoundCloud with a VPN browser extension 

    If you don’t have administrator rights on your computer/device, you can still install browser extensions:

    1. Find and install a browser extension. Find one that fits your browser. Most browsers have dedicated extension stores, like Chrome Web Store and Addons for Firefox. 
    2. Connect to a server. Once you’ve installed the VPN extension, launch it. You will have the option to choose the VPN server you want to connect to. Easy-to-use browser extensions like Surfshark will automatically connect you to the best server.
    3. Enjoy SoundCloud. Simply go to the SoundCloud website. The extension will overcome all the blocks your network administrator has in place.

    What about unblocking SoundCloud with a proxy?

    Buying a proxy is in some way similar to using a VPN to unlock SoundCloud. You’ll be connecting to a proxy server and thus overcoming IP blocks. However, this way might pose security threats.

    VPNs are a lot more versatile than proxies. Depending on the type, a proxy may only work on a website or app basis. A VPN immediately secures all connections on your device, be they browsers or apps. Also, a VPN encrypts your traffic. Thus it can be very hard to detect that you’re even using a VPN. 

    Unblocking content with a free VPN – not a good idea

    The ol’ saying ‘’If something is free, you are the product’’ always rings true regarding free VPNs.

    Using a VPN means encrypting all of your internet traffic data, even if you’re using it for SoundCloud. Free VPN services do that as well but with a huge hidden drawback – selling your personal data.

    Premium VPNs, on the other hand, adhere to a no-logs policy, making sure your private data remains private.

    Why is SoundCloud blocked?

    Why is SoundCloud blocked

    ’Why’’ is the hardest to answer but the shortest way of putting it is restrictions. So far, there are only three types of restrictions with their own reasoning regarding the why question – governmental, institutional, and regional.

    Why would the government want to block a service?

    Different regimes have different reasons.

    Venezuela blocked SoundCloud in 2019 because of civil infighting between two presidents, with some people wishing to silence the media about the new up-and-coming president and lessen his influence.

    China, with its Great Firewall, enforces strict internet censorship to ‘’protect its values’’ and political ideas from other ideologies coming in from abroad.

    Turkey banned SoundCloud because in 2014 somebody leaked (read: uploaded) a recording of a compromising conversation on SoundCloud. The leaked convo included the now president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Ironically enough, the man has doubts about whether Turks should have internet freedom. Figures.

    Why would a region be blocked by a service?

    Sometimes, it’s the other way around – a country is A-OK with a service, but the provider restricts access to their content. SoundCloud calls it regional availability, which is also known as geoblocking or georestrictions.

    As they eloquently put it themselves, ‘’Some SoundCloud Content Partners have the ability to select which territories they wish to have their content available in, depending on licensing rights.’’ Bottom line – less content for worldwide users.

    Why would an institution block a service?

    This one is the most rudimental of whys – lessening distractions and saving bandwidth. Access to SoundCloud is usually restricted to keep students focused on studying and workers working.

    Streaming SoundCloud also takes up a chunk of internet bandwidth, the same bandwidth that is used to stream online courses or hold a meeting. So it’s only natural that your school or workplace would want to redirect those internet resources where they’re needed the most.

    BUT, even assuming pure motives on these institutions’ part, everybody should have a choice to listen to their favorite songs at an appropriate time and place without disturbing or disrupting anything.

    Viva la choice! Viva la musica!

    How is SoundCloud blocked?

    The network administrators at your school, university, or workplace have several means to block SoundCloud. DNS block is the most common surface-level restriction. At the same time, it’s the easiest one to overcome – you can do it with a free Android app like Trust DNS.

    However, the most common way to block SoundCloud is via an IP block. This way, your computer won’t be able to reach the address of the music streaming service. Luckily for you, a VPN solution can blitz right through that barrier and unblock SoundCloud.

    The majority of the blocks are location-based. A VPN changes the aforementioned location identifiers – IP and DNS address – A and removes the hassle of changing your location every time you travel abroad (so you will always be connected to a server in your home country).

    What can VPNs do besides unblocking SoundCloud?

    A VPN is a tool and, as with any tool, it’s only as good as the one who uses it. But, generally speaking, these are the ones you should expect.

    Unblock websites

    Missing out on your favorite content from abroad is no fun. So, aside from unlocking SoundCloud, a VPN can allow you to access geoblocked websites. From social media to news sites, anything can be reached by using a VPN app.

    Access content when traveling

    Since the majority of the blocks are location-based, a VPN changes the aforementioned location identifiers – your IP and DNS address. In doing so, it removes the hassle of changing your location every time you travel abroad (so you will always be connected to a server in your home country).

    Maintain privacy

    VPN tunneling and encryption ensure that nobody can eavesdrop on what you’re searching for. Nobody can see that you’re using SoundCloud by just monitoring your traffic. Reliable VPN services – like Surfshark – are able to mask the fact that you’re even using a VPN. 

    Keep you safe

    VPN encrypts your web traffic, making you a lot safer by default. And that becomes all the more important when you’re traveling abroad. ‘Cause public Wi-Fi networks, free as they are, are also teeming with cybercriminals, making them very dangerous. That is, unless you use a VPN, which constructs a virtual tunnel and encrypts the data that passes through it. With a VPN, you could listen to SoundCloud at an airport, in a Parisian cafe, or even in a hostel, worry-free. 

    Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with a VPN

    In short, the best way to unblock SoundCloud is with a VPN. Your school/work/uni network won’t know what hit them, nor will they be able to listen in. You just have to decide which one to use. May I suggest Surfshark?

    Viva la choice! Viva la musica!

    Note: Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.

    Let the music flow freely with a VPN

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    How do you unblock SoundCloud at school?

    The same way you do it at home – by changing your IP or DNS address. That can be done by using a VPN. If any of your friends or relatives have a Surfshark account, ask them if you could join in because it supports unlimited devices.

    Can you get banned on SoundCloud?

    You can get your account terminated by violating the Terms of Use. Usually, that is done by infringing someone else’s copyright or promoting hate speech. SoundCloud is within its rights to terminate the account if it has more than 2 strikes.