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Netflix VPN

Netflix VPN Comparison: Find The Best One

Best price US Netflix Japan Netflix No. of Netflix libraries No. of devices
Surfshark $2.49/mo YES YES 15 Unlimited
ExpressVPN $8.32/mo YES YES 3 5
NordVPN $3.22/mo YES YES 12 6
CyberGhost $2.75/mo YES YES 5 7
Private Internet Access $3.33/mo YES YES 3 10
Free VPNs Free NO NO 0 Unlimited


How to find a good Netflix VPN

Check the library count

The more Netflix libraries a VPN unlocks, the more content you get to stream

Pay attention to server count

If a VPN has many servers in a country, it means that Netflix will have a harder time trying to block their IP addresses. It also means that it's easier to find a server that isn’t overloaded with traffic

Count the devices

You’re not always watching Netflix in your living room, so the more devices you can cover with your Netflix VPN, the better

Watch for a money-back guarantee

If there’s a money-back guarantee, you can try out the Netflix VPN risk-free.

Get access to 15 Netflix libraries

Can a VPN fix Netflix streaming error?

Can a VPN fix Netflix streaming error


Netflix can’t let everyone watch everything. That would endanger the service’s licensing agreements. Myriad different companies have created the shows and movies on Netflix – and they already have various distribution deals around the world.

To put it shortly, an IP – internet protocol – address is like a physical address for a device on the internet. When you want to stream Netflix, your device sends a request to the service. But Netflix needs to know where to send the movie, so your IP address is attached to your request. 

A VPN replaces your device’s IP with the IP of the VPN server. Therefore, Netflix thinks you’re actually connecting from where the server is. However, from time to time, Netflix identifies IPs belonging to VPN servers and blocks them.

A good VPN provider knows how to get around this and provides a lot of alternative servers for you to use if some go down. It’s one of the reasons why free VPNs for Netflix don’t really exist: they are easier to shut down, and they have a harder time opening the streaming back up.

How Do I Get More Shows on Netflix VPN?

Not all Netflix libraries have everything. Even the American Netflix  library, as big as it is, has a few missing shows or movies. So how do you get around that? By changing the VPN server, of course!

First of all, you need to know the Netflix VPN library that the content you want to stream is on. For example, the US library only has 60 Oscar-winning movies. But if you jump over to South Korea, you get access to 109. 

With Surfshark VPN, doing this is as easy as going to the “Locations” tab and searching for “South Korea.” 

It’s also what you do if you want to access the 35 Emmy-award winning shows available on Netflix South Korean, Japan, and Singapore. Very handy for their neighbors in Australia who only have access to 23 – the lowest number in the world. 

How to get Netflix VPN


Get a VPN that works with Netflix and install it on your device




Connect to a server in the country which has the Netflix library you want to watch (like the US).


Viewing via a browser? Clear the browser cache.





Netflix VPN FAQ

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix?

Using a VPN to stream Netflix isn’t illegal. The streaming service may not like it, but there’s no law forbidding you from doing this. 

In fact, less than 10 countries in the world consider VPN use to be against the law. If you don’t live in any of those, get a VPN and stream to your heart’s content.

Will a Netflix VPN slow down my streaming?

You should not experience a noticeable drop in internet speed when using a VPN. Some bandwidth is used to encrypt your data, and there will be a speed drop due to distance from the VPN server, but that’s it. 

In some cases, you may even experience an increase in your streaming speed. There are internet service providers that engage in internet throttling: slowing down your connection when you stream videos, share files, play online games, and so on. The aforementioned encryption prevents your ISP from reading your data. That way, it doesn’t know when to throttle your connection.

What devices does a Netflix VPN support?

You can install Surfshark on most devices that support Netflix: PCs and Macs, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, PS4 and Xbox360 consoles, as well as Amazon TV, Apple TV, or other smart TVs.

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