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How to Get American Netflix Worldwide

With Surfshark’s Netflix VPN you can access all USA-exclusive content anywhere in the world in under 3 minutes!

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Follow This 3-Step Process

Never miss your favorite shows- watch them any time, anywhere.

Sign up for a Surfshark VPN


Sign up for a Surfshark VPN

Download Surfshark on a streaming device


Download Surfshark on a streaming device of your choice.

Connect to any of the US servers


Connect to any of the US servers available, login to your Netflix account and enjoy!

5 Reasons You Should Use Surfshark Netflix VPN

Unblock Netflix Libraries

1. Unblock 15 Netflix Libraries

Life is so much better without limits. That’s why when you use a Surfshark VPN, you will not only be able to unblock and stream US shows and films, but also 15 other Netflix libraries! You can check out some of our favorites from the US Netflix library.

2. Connect Unlimited Devices

With just one subscription, the whole family can enjoy Netflix at the same time! Watch it on the big screen and connect your VPN to Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Firestick, and other devices. Rest assured that your Surfshark VPN will keep everyone protected while watching their favorites. 

Connect Unlimited Devices
Enjoy a faster streaming experience

3. Enjoy a faster streaming experience

In order to avoid buffering and keep your digital footprint anonymous, it’s important to pick a VPN provider that chooses the top-quality servers for better streaming speeds. This assures your Netflix session will not be interrupted.

4. Access US Netflix with Other Servers

If you see that the amount of users connected to one server is above “moderate” consider connecting to another country. So, let’s say all US servers are full. Simply, look for another location like “Denmark” and equally enjoy the same content you would find on American Netflix. Easy, peasy.

Access US Netflix with Other Servers
24/7 Customer Success

5. 24/7 Customer Success

If you can’t figure out how to fix a Netflix error code, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support. Also, if you ever run into problems with your internet slowing down, or you are curious to watch some tutorials on how to use Surfshark, our Success team is super helpful and always on-call to answer all your questions. Here are some FAQs, chat us up or submit a request.


Is it illegal to use a VPN to watch American Netflix?

No. It isn’t illegal to use a VPN. On the contrary, you will improve your online privacy and protect your data from peeping eyes.

Can I watch American Netflix in Europe?

Yes. If you have a Netflix account and happen to be in the EU, you can most definitely access all shows and movies region-specific on Netflix, including the USA.

Will my Netflix become slower with a VPN?

Sometimes your ISP may throttle your internet bandwidth. However, with a VPN you can choose between servers and find the fastest one that won’t leave Netflix buffering for ages. Explore the different servers around the world and see which one works best for your streaming needs.  

However, since a VPN works by encrypting data you might not notice it, but it may slow you down. Don’t worry though – most people don’t even notice it while streaming their favorites.

What devices can I connect to Netflix VPN?

You can connect your Surfshark VPN on laptops (macOS, Windows, Linux), phones and tablets (iOS, Android), Smart TVs (FireTV, AppleTV), to watch as much Netflix as you want.

How to fix a Netflix error code m7111- 5059?

When using a VPN to watch your favorite shows on American Netflix, you may run into this little error. When thousands of VPN users stream Netflix all from the same IP address, it may be detected and blocked. However, bypassing this error is easy with our 5-step guide.

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