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Get stealth VPN today

  • Hide your online activities from ISPs and snoopers
  • Obfuscate your traffic so that nobody knows you’re using a VPN
  • Protect your traffic with industry-leading encryption

Why do I need a stealth VPN?

Online privacy is a thing of the past - if it has ever existed in the first place. However, due to advanced technology used in stealth VPNs, it is possible to become private in your digital life. Surfshark uses different methods to ensure that you can become essentially invisible each time you connect to our servers.

Obfuscated VPN servers

Obfuscation is a method that makes sure outsiders who may be watching your traffic cannot tell you use a VPN. We call it Camouflage Mode, because that describes the essence of this useful feature pretty well.

Industry-leading encryption

We use top-of-the-class AES-256-GCM encryption to secure all the data that goes through the VPN tunnel. It makes sure your privacy is protected at all times and that nobody can snoop on your online activities.

Secure VPN protocols

VPN protocols do a lot of heavy lifting for a stealth VPN’s security. We offer secure OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, and Shadowsocks protocols that ensure perfect forward secrecy. That adds an extra fail-safe to make sure your data is safe.

MultiHop for extra privacy

If we’re talking stealth, MultiHop (also known as Double VPN). deserves to be on your shortlist. It allows you to connect via multiple servers in different countries which helps you become even harder to trace!

Private DNS & leak protection

It’s important to use a private DNS for all-around privacy. And with this stealth VPN, you get private DNS on each server. That’s not all - we offer leak protection when using IPv4 stack to make sure you’re always protected.

Strict no-logs policy

When you want true privacy, it only makes sense to use a VPN that enforces a strict no-logs policy and is headquartered in a country allowing that. We don’t know what you’re up to online, and therefore, nobody else can!

When should I use a stealth VPN?

When you live in or travel to a restricted country

Many countries censor their citizens’ Internet, snoop around in their private matters, and collect surveillance data. If you live in a country like that or if you’re planning a trip there, you should protect your privacy with a stealth VPN.

When you’re worried about online privacy

It’s normal to worry about not being private online when so many governments and corporations track you and collect your data. However, it’s possible to escape this and take the matters back into your own hands with a VPN.

When you’re downloading or seeding torrents

Sharing P2P files is restricted or not allowed in many countries. We advise to respect copyright, however, you can privately share legitimate peer-to-peer files without any worries when you use a stealth VPN.

When you want to protect your whole family

With Surfshark, it’s easy to make sure everyone at your household is safe and sound. You can add unlimited devices per each account, and use them all at the same time if you want to!

Does a stealth VPN make me untraceable?

A good, reliable VPN provider will make you very hard to track and it would require a lot of effort.

However, 100% anonymity is very difficult to achieve and requires a lot of effort on your side.

There is so much more to being anonymous than just using a VPN – for example, you would have to avoid registering to any services, do zero online shopping, and generally avoid anything that could put you online.

Sounds tough, right? Well, it’s nearly impossible.

A lot of services nowadays store the data they collect on the cloud, for example, and you cannot be certain that there is no information about you online.

For example, even if you use social media anonymously, it’s easy to give out little details about yourself that could lead to somebody who’s incredibly persistent tracking you.

We recommend being very cautious about what information you do share willingly. Always think before filling out any forms, registering, or sharing something online.

And on top of that, use a reliable VPN! You may be able to block trackers, plus, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) won’t know what you’re up to online. A VPN masks your IP and makes you private.

Download Surfshark and become private online today