Surfshark VPN crack? It's a scam

Hello! I believe you searched “Surfshark VPN crack” because, like all humans, you want to get free software. Setting aside the fact that free VPNs are the worst VPNs, Surfshark (or any other paid VPN) isn’t something you can crack. 

Please be aware that the “cracked” version of Surfshark you’re getting is almost guaranteed to be a VPN scam that will steal all of your data.

What is a “Surfshark crack?”

In the parlance of software piracy, a “crack” is usually a modified version of software’s executable file (you know, .exe)and sometimes a few other filesthat allows you to overcome privacy protection

For example, back in the olden days, video games would check if you have the game CD in the CD drive. The disk was not necessary to run the gameyou already installed all you neededit just served as an ownership check. So if you wanted to play Violence Racer 3000 without a CD, you needed a cracked violenceracer3000.exe file.

So if you wanted to install “Surfshark VPN crack,” you would get a Surfshark.exe file (and maybe some other ones). You would have to take those files and overwrite the ones that came from installing the app. Theoretically, this would overcome any checks to see if you’re actually a subscriber to our service. Not-even-the-slightest-hint-of-sad to say, that wouldn’t work.

Why doesn’t Surfshark crack work? 

The existence of a Surfshark crack is fundamentally incompatible with the nature of a VPN app: that is, all the exciting stuff happens in the VPN server.

To use Violence Racer 3000 as an example again, as a single player game, it wouldn’t have an online component (unless you wanted to play multiplayer). Connecting online is unnecessary for you to run (presumably violent) races.

VPNs, however, do not (and cannot) work offline. A VPN app works in tandem with a VPN server, as it is what decrypts the data before forwarding it to your online destination (and vice versa). 

You absolutely 100% have to connect to a VPN server (for decrypting data and all that) for it to work. And the VPN servers know when it’s a registered user trying to connect vs. a non-registered one.

So “cracking” the VPN app achieves nothing. Sure, it may let you appear as if you have logged into the app and navigate the menus, but as soon as you try to connect to a server, the server recognizes that you’re not a registered user and denies the connection.

If we went back to video game analogies, using a cracked VPN is like using a cracked MMORPG game: you will never connect to the official servers, even if you can run the game. And the danger of connecting to a pirated World of Warcraft (that’s a real game, I didn’t make this one up) server is a lot lower than routing all of your sensitive data via a shady VPN server with 0% official support.

To actually crack Surfshark, the hackers would need to crack and breach our servers, which we take great pains to ensure never happens. Plus, if a VPN was that easy to breach, you probably wouldn’t want to be using it in the first place. 

Wait, but what is this Surfshark VPN crack I downloaded?

If you actually found a VPN crack, it’s most likely a trap. Maybe the cracked .exe file is infected with trojans and other cybersecurity hazards. Maybe the cracked VPN app connects you to the hacker’s VPN server and steals all the data transferred via the VPN connection. 

Who knows! The cyberworld is hackers’ oyster. Hackers are very creative people who will absolutely prey on people seeking free software without the technical knowledge on why that would be impossible. So for them, this might just be a small part of a larger phishing operation. 

What is a Surfshark mod APK?

Surfshark mod APK is the same as Surfshark crack, but for Android. “APK” stands for Android Package Kit, and it acts just like an .exe file on a Windows platform. Mod APK is a modified APKso essentially an executable file that has been modified to overcome copy protection.

Again, as VPN services rely on actual VPN servers to do key parts of the whole “establishing and maintaining a virtual private network connection” thing, getting a mod APK doesn’t do anything for you.

It does give an inroad for hackers to mess with your phone and use it for a variety of shady businesses. 

Is Surfshark VPN free?

No, Surfshark VPN isn’t free, and with a good reasonwe have an entire article on why free VPNs are inherently worse than the paid ones. Therefore, our VPN requires a paid subscription, which gives us the funds to keep up with the latest developments in security, endlessly work towards perfecting our software (and servers) and, most importantly, pay wages for copywriters like me. 

How can I use Surfshark for free?

You can’t really use Surfshark VPN (or other VPN services that aren’t scams) for free. But you can get a free VPN trial or get your money back if you don’t like our services. 

Free VPN trial

Android and iOS users have access to a free VPN trial which is, as the title states, free. 

30-day money back guarantee

If you subscribe to Surfshark, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like the VPN, you can get your money back and retroactively declare that you used it for free.

How do I get a free Surfshark VPN?

You can technically download and install the app for free, but you can’t use it for free

However, if you want to get philosophical about it, getting a 2-year subscription as a gift from someone (family, sugar daddy, local church raffle), it will be, from your perspective, free Surfshark VPN. 

Don’t copy that floppy, don’t crack that VPN

All in all, neither a Surfshark VPN crack, nor a Surfshark mod APK will give you what you want. Instead, it will just put you in the clutches of a hacker, endangering both your device and data. If you’re dying to try Surfshark VPN for free, you can get a 7-day free trial by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. By subscribing directly from our website, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee which you can treat as a free trial. If your expectations for Surfshark aren’t met, simply ask for your money back before the 30-day period is over.

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