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Secure your personal computer with Surfshark ‘95!

Order now and get a stylish portable floppy disk holder or a branded mouse pad.

  • Control with your mouse!
  • Innovative design!
  • Only 5 floppy disks!
vpn for windows


Make sure no one is using your home phone

Before you connect, make sure to check that your landline or rotary phone isn’t being used by anyone.


Those weird sounds are normal

Your modem might sound different depending on the country you connect to.


Teleport to any country

And explore the cyber world of sunny LA, romantic Paris, or historical Rome!

Surfshark for Win 95

Call for live support

Befriend Clippy

Connect in astonishing 5.5 seconds

Protect your Windows PC

Surfshark ‘95 VPN Features

Rad Shredder Policy!

All your information is instantly destroyed, forever!

Protect All Home Machines!

In case you ever get a second PC at your home, Surfshark covers it all!

Blazing Speeds!

Enjoy the unconstrained tornado of your 8 KB/s ISDN connection!

Dial-UP Whitelister!

Only Surfshark’s Whitelister allows you to call your friends WHILE surfing the Net!

Super Sharp Cable Scissors!

If your VPN connection drops, don’t hesitate - use the SSC Scissors and cut the cable before the data leaves your home!

64MB Hyper Servers!

Not only do we offer the futuristic, high-density technology, but we ALSO destroy hard drives daily to preserve your privacy!