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PlayStation PS4 & PS5 VPN: secure your gaming, unlock more streaming

  • Unlock streaming libraries and services
  • Secure your gaming from DDoS and hackers
  • No additional equipment needed
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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secure your gaming withPS4 & PS5 VPN

Game securely on PS4 & PS5 with a VPN

Are you worried about your opponents or other malicious actors using SWATing or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against you? A VPN for PS4 & PS5 ensures that they won’t learn your coordinates by tracing your online connection. It even protects you from possible ping that comes from your ISP (internet service provider) throttling your bandwidth.

Get the best VPN for PS4 & PS5 and stream more

Your console is not just a gaming station anymore – it’s an entertainment system. But to be adequately entertained, you need access to entertainment, right? That’s why you need a PS4 & PS5 VPN – it allows you to unlock content libraries (like US or Japan Netflix) and even entire services (like Hulu outside the US).

best VPN for PS4 & PS5

PS4 & PS5 VPN without a PC: Smart DNS

You can’t install a VPN directly on a PS4 & PS5, so that’s why all the guides out there tell you to put it on a router or on a PC. However, if your main need is unlocking content, then you should get Smart DNS, which can be easily configured on a PS4 & PS5. Here’s how it goes: 

  1. Log into your Surfshark account (or get one if you don’t have it).
  2. Find your Smart DNS settings
  3. Set it up on your PlayStation – here’s an in-depth guide on setting up Smart DNS on PS4 & PS5.
  4. Enjoy!

Granted, Smart DNS is different from a VPN, but if you’re only after unlocking content, it will suit your needs. 

However, if you’re certain that you need a VPN for PS4 & PS5, we also have guides for setting it up as well. 

Setup PS4 & PS5 VPN over PC

One of the most popular ways of setting up a VPN for PS4 & PS5 is installing it on a PC and then using a cable to share the connection with the console. Here’s how it’s done, using Surfshark VPN as an example:
1. Get a VPN and install it on your PC.
2. Run the VPN and connect to a server.
3. Connect your PS4 & PS5 to the PC with an Ethernet cable.
4. Now, on your PC, right-click the Wi-Fi (or Wired) connection icon on the toolbar.
a. If you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, go to the Wi-Fi tab.
b. If you are connected via Ethernet cable, choose Ethernet.
5. Find the setting Change adapter options – it may be on the side, or you may need to scroll down. Click on it.
6. Network Connections window with all the network adapters will show up. The third line on the icon description shows what the connection belongs to.
7. Right-click the VPN network adapter (Surfshark in this example) and go to Properties.
8. Go to the Sharing section in the new window and check the box “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.”
9. Choose the Ethernet connection from the drop-down menu that matches the PS4 & PS5 connection.
10. Open the Surfshark app and go to Settings -> Advanced -> Protocol.
11. Change the default protocol to OpenVPN (UDP).
12. Connect to whatever location you like.
13. Open the Dynamic Menu on the PS4 & PS5 and Go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Set up Internet Connection.
14. Select Use a LAN Cable with the connection method set at Easy, click Do Not Use a Proxy Server when asked.
15. Accept the settings.
16. Select Test Connection.
17. Done!

PS4 & PS5 VPN on a router

Don’t have a PC? Then you can choose to set up your PS4 & PS5 VPN on your router. Here’s how you do it. 

  1. Set up your VPN on your router – you can find the instructions here.
  2. Dynamic Menu on the PS4 & PS5.
  3. Go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Set up Internet Connection.
  4. 18. Select Use Wifi and set the connection method to Easy.
  5. When prompted, select Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
  6. Accept all the settings.
  7. Click Test Connection.
  8. Have fun!

If you’re using Surfshark as your chosen PS4 & PS5 VPN and run into any issues with this (or other) approach, contact the 24/7 support service. They’re there to answer all of your questions.

3 great things about PS4 & PS5 VPN

Security from hackers


A VPN increases your defense against hackers - including those who’d seek to find your IP address to SWAT you.

Access to streaming services


A VPN allows you to trick services into seeing that your console is connecting from any place in the world, giving you wide access to entertainment libraries or early game releases.

Speed of Surfshark


Is your internet service provider throttling your connection when you’re gaming and streaming? A VPN obfuscates such activities so that you can enjoy your full speed.


Can I get a free VPN on PS4 & PS5?

In short, you shouldn’t. While plenty of free VPNs exist, all of them are inferior to the paid options. Free VPNs are usually very limited in speed, servers, and usability. They don’t have the variety of IPs and the tight security needed to unlock streaming services. According to research conducted on free Android VPNs,

  • 18% don’t encrypt traffic which is one of the most important features when it comes to both security and access to content that VPNs provide
  • 84% leak user data, which also compromises all the reasons to get  a PS4 VPN.
  • 38% contain malware.

All of that demonstrates the shady nature of free VPNs. After all, developing the app, running research and development to keep it secure, and hosting servers all require money. And where does that money come from? Ads, malware, selling your data, or the VPN being funded by state security agencies. 

In all situations, a paid VPN is better. 

Can I put a VPN on PS4 & PS5?

At present, there’s no way to directly install a VPN app on a PlayStation PS4 & PS5. All providers use some sort of workaround to offer VPN or VPN-like capabilities.

Is VPN legal?

VPN use is legal in nearly every country in the world. As long as you’re not using it for illegal activities – like pirating copyrighted content – you will be fine.

Does a VPN slow down my internet?

There is a bit of unavoidable slow-down when using any VPN app. A thing called “encryption overhead” uses up a part of your bandwidth, but it’s vital for VPN to function as intended. 

Other than that, your internet speed depends on how close you are to the VPN server you connect to. The closer you are, the better the connection speed. There’s also the question of the server load, but with 3200+ servers in 65 countries, that’s rarely ever an issue for Surfshark.

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