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Although we only launched our VPN in the spring of 2018, we’ve managed to start collaborating with some of the most credible VPN comparison and review websites in the world.

We’ve received many recommendations, as well as good insights about how we can improve our service.


Experts at have spent thousands of hours researching and testing security, privacy and networking services. Founded in 2015, is a team of over 30 researchers, writers, developers, and editors. recently reviewed Surfshark, and wrote: “This secure, private service is ideal for those looking to stream or use a VPN in China, and allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.” As well as provided us with some insightful recommendations on how to make our service better.

proprivacy provides transparent and in-depth VPN reviews. On top of that, you will find the most important news updates, recommendations, and guides. Also, each year organize awards to celebrate the best and most trusted VPNs. Last year, Surfshark was nominated in 3 categories, including Best Overall, Best Privacy and Best Value VPN. best vpn article helps its readers by comparing various services and things from finance, tech, household, and lifestyle. reviewed Surfshark and many other different VPNs when compiling its list of the best services on offer.”

top10vpn make your VPN choice super convenient by letting you select a category of your need for which you’re searching a VPN. So you can unlock the internet while connected to the best VPNs there are. Surfshark is currently in top 10 list of VPN providers, and in 2019 we’re dedicated to shining brighter. is a honest review website which examines top VPN providers. reviewed Surfshark, and concluded: “For starters, I prefer Surfshark mainly because of its security and speed rankings! The amount of times I’ve been on Netflix streaming without any interruptions is impeccable! It offers up to 1040+ servers and 61+ countries for only $1.99/mo. and that is pretty reasonable.”


An emerging VPN review website will help you decide what kind of a VPN you need – whether it’s for privacy, or streaming your favorite movies securely. This year, also announced Surfshark as the Best VPN Newcomer!

fastest vpn guide

A computer networking and IT security expert Tim Tremblay created to test and compare VPN services. The site examined Surfshark, and concluded: “It’s rare to see a new VPN company become a serious contender as quickly as Sharksurf has. But, when you start from the ground up with absolutely airtight privacy, a clean and easy to use client and back it up with a large global server network that offers excellent performance, it’s time for everyone to take notice.”

GOVPN is currently the most well-known VPN review website in Asia. Our research team is made up of technical experts in network security, VPN software, anti-malware software, and password managers. During our many years of VPN research, Surfshark has consistently been our most trusted partner. Surfshark’s excellent VPN speed, high level of security, and unlimited device connectivity make it our top recommended and trusted VPN choice. is a page dedicated to anonymity and helping French speaking audiences around the world choose the most suitable VPN provider. They analyze the ins and outs of various VPN services as well as write extensive guides on their use cases.

WebHostingSecretRevealed is a premier brand when it comes to the recommendation of web technologies. Their passion for cutting edge performance have given them uncanny foresight into the next big things online. 

Their review of Surfshark brought us to the top of their favorites list, concluding that Surfshark “checks of many of the right boxes that make up a good VPN – Speed, Security, and Anonymity.” serves a Polish-speaking audience, providing them with information about VPNs that might otherwise not be available in their language. When it comes to reviewing actual VPN apps, they don’t just run down a list of features – they also do some in-depth tests. reviewed Surfshark and declared it to be their #2 VPN in the world. As they wrote in the review, “it’s fair to say that Surfshark keeps its finger on the pulse by using proven and safe standards and protocols for VPN connections.”

VPN alert is a comprehensive website that helps people make informed decisions on which VPNs would work best for their needs. This partner focuses on comparing VPN providers based on specific use cases and offers an extensive library of “How to” guides. features the Black Friday deals from the top VPN providers across the globe. Surfshark has always held its position at the top of the table. reviews VPN, App, software, and online courses. The site provides step-by-step guides to share how to choose and use VPN. Here is an example of how to use Surfshark VPN.

Surfshark featured as a top vpn by these trusted partners - vpnxd – “When it comes to privacy and streaming, Surfshark can be your best pick. Never miss your favorite sports events and connect the VPN to as many devices as possible. I love it!”


Specialists from Jooble, one of the biggest job boards in the world operating in 70 countries,  have recently reviewed Surfshark and that’s what they have to say: “Although Surfshark is considered to be a relatively young player on the market, its advanced functionality levels it with other top providers. This VPN service is a good choice if you want to secure your digital presence for reasonable money. Surfshark delivers what it promises.  Its performance, speed, reliability, and security impress. focus on VPN tutorial, reviews and unblocked worldwide streaming service. VPNReview compared different VPNs according to market list – choosing one for you is more comfortable. Here’s a great post for Best VPN Providers Review.

Upsangel are a group of cyber experts covering the latest trends on Wi-Fi, technology, and security developments. They’re known for their honest VPN reviews using data collected over long periods of time. Their experts have developed a daily VPN speedtest tracking tool, which ranks Surfshark VPN as one of the most stable and fastest VPN providers. Upsangel highly recommends Surfshark because of its stability, ease of use, and many advanced features, especially to first-time VPN users.

VPN blade to a ton of niche and in-depth VPN reviews for different use-cases. For example, check out this review on low ping VPN use for games such as PUGB Lite.

VPN Black Friday Deal is focused to bring all the latest Black Friday deals & offers related to various VPN brands. This helps users to stay updated and get their favourite VPN service at an affordable price. For instance, you can check Surfshark Black Friday sale that can help you to get Surfshark VPN at a low price.

Surfshark is good value for money. The speed is fast and ideal for streaming. It can unblock Japanese Netflix and Hulu geoblocking, so it is worth having it for both overseas and domestic users.

Surfshark is an all-rounder and is highly recommended to newbies or even advanced users. The VPN excels in every area, whether high-quality streaming or unlimited torrenting. Also, the service has unlimited simultaneous connections and excellent value-for-money plans. is a VPN testing and review website that focuses on using VPNs in China. It has been mentioned in media such as The New York Times, South China Morning Post, Business Insider and others for helping China internet users defeating online censorship. tested Surfshark in China and put it on its Best VPN for China list as well as its Chinese version (在中国好用的VPN推荐): “Because the Great Firewall of China blocks VPNs, it is hard to use any VPN in China. But we tried Surfshark VPN and found that it worked well in China. We think Surfshark VPN is one of the best VPNs for China because of this. are a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about online safety and security. You’ll find in-depth and impartial reviews for all the top VPNs as well as tips and guides. Surfshark is ranked as one of the best VPN solutions available for privacy and security, and scores highest for value for money and user experience.

Supervpnreview is Taiwan’s largest security technology website, jointly operated by a group of network security experts, specializing in evaluating various security software, VPN software tools and teaching guides.

Surfshark is the best VPN software in our evaluation, and it is the most suitable for protecting your connection privacy and security protection. It is excellent in terms of security and price. It also offers 2 months as an extra bonus, and it can also be used across regions Watch Netflix no matter which country you are in, use Surfshark to safely protect your device. is a website dedicated to all VPN related topics, mainly focusing around bringing you the Best VPN Software reviews and VPN Offers.

SurfShark is currently our second best rated VPN on the whole market. Their low pricing coupled with extensive features and huge server network makes them an obvious choice for beginners and veterans needing a VPN.

All About Cookies is a group of tech experts and enthusiasts who dig into the research, interview industry pros, and conduct hands-on testing to create simple, helpful guides that make it easy for you to get online — safely. “Surfshark is one of the best VPNs available because it provides loads of useful and easy-to-use features without compromising on privacy or security. And with more than 3200 servers in 100 countries, you have plenty of options for establishing secure VPN connections.”

“Having been a Surfshark customer since they launched, I am a huge fan. Despite their rapid growth, service quality and pricing have remained consistent. This VPN offers fast speeds, excellent compatibility, and useful security features.”

VPNgrades () is the biggest online VPN community, with over 30.000 members. It is your source for curated VPN deals and reviews.  VPNgrades says about Surfshark the following: ”We are proud to partner with Surfshark and make a difference against censorship and make online security affordable.

If you are an avid cyber security enthusiast, join their Reddit community ().



TrustySurf is a platform established with the express goal of ‘empowering every netizen by imparting knowledge about online privacy, digital safety, and internet freedom.’

TrustSury is not just another cybersecurity blog. They have earned a reputation as one of Asia’s leading cybersecurity institutions. Their team recommends Surfshark as one of the best VPN brands for 2023 in their updated “VPN Recommendation Guide for 2023,” calling SurfShark a “great value for money.

The team is composed by professionals who possess a deep enthusiasm for safeguarding online safety and security.

Our platform offers comprehensive and unbiased evaluations for the leading VPN services and other cyber security tools and services, along with valuable tips and guides.

When it comes to privacy and security, Surfshark stands out as an exceptional VPN solution, earning top rankings for its value for money and user experience.

At , we’re always on the hunt for top-tier VPNs that offer superior performance, outstanding security, and excellent value. Among the myriad of VPNs we’ve evaluated, Surfshark undoubtedly stands out as one of the best in the business. This all-around performer impresses with its robust security measures, ultra-fast servers, and an intuitive user interface. It’s a VPN that not only guarantees your online privacy but also offers a seamless browsing experience. is a Swedish comparison website providing users with comprehensive and unbiased reviews of various VPN services. With an intuitive interface, it simplifies the selection process by offering detailed comparisons based on factors like speed, security, and server locations. Empowering individuals to make informed decisions, ensures privacy and anonymity in the digital realm, offering a reliable resource for Swedish users seeking the perfect VPN solution. is a website which reviews VPNs, apps, software. analyzes all technical aspects in order to help you choose the best VPN out there. Here is an example of the BEST JAPAN VPN.

Meet Guillermo Baches, an accomplished blogger and chess International Master who has traveled to over 50 countries, immersing himself in chess and exploring the world. With a diverse range of interests, Guillermo’s blog covers topics such as making money online, sports, travel, shopping, and cybersecurity. After reviewing numerous VPN services, Guillermo has identified Surfshark as his top pick for secure and safe connections worldwide.

With Surfshark leading the way, why not explore Guillermo’s comprehensive review of the 19 best VPN services on his blog? Visit now and discover the perfect VPN solution to enhance your online security and global connectivity.

If you are not sure which VPN to choose, can help you find the best VPN.

Operated by a multinational team of IT experts, recommends VPNs tested in a variety of countries.

The VPNs are frequently tested to ensure that they are actually available for various streaming and will suggest the best VPN for your purposes and situation. not only provides in-depth reviews of popular VPNs for VPN beginners but also provides easy-to-understand explanations on how to use VPNs. reviewed Surfshark and wrote: “Surfshark is a very cost-effective VPN provider with very cheap prices and unlimited simultaneous connections. We recommend Surfshark for streaming with great value, for easily increasing security, or for sharing a VPN with family.”

FixThePhoto serves as your ultimate resource for anything related to visuals, digital media, photography, and videography protection online. FixThePhoto takes a deep dive into the world of VPN services, even reviewing top providers like Surfshark.

With a focus on VPN services and online safety, FixThePhoto analyzes a variety of tools and services, establishing itself as a significant hub for creativity and digital protection.

SoftoCoupon is an independent company which shares experts’ in-depth reviews for software and services like VPN, identity protection, antivirus, backup/restore, video editing, password managers and many others. George Miller an expert in privacy tools wrote Surfshark One review and made a conclusion that Surfshark One is a new cybersecurity suite with a rising popularity trend among users. He added that: “Surfshark One is one such all-in-one subscription security suite that includes Surfshark Alert, Surfshark Antivirus, Surfshark Search, Alternative ID, and the very popular Surfshark VPN. Bundled into a single software suite for a variety of platforms, Surfshark One provides all-round protection for unlimited devices at an affordable price.” team is devoted to testing and reviewing the best solutions for privacy and security online. They’re committed to become the most reliable and comprehensive tech magazine for Spanish speaking countries.

They have recently reviewed Surfshark, and concluded: “The fact that Surfshark VPN is an exclusively Premium service is greatly offset by the fact that once you have acquired your plan, you will be able to connect as many devices as you want, as it won’t impact the quality and the speed of connectivity”.

Founded in 2018, is your go-to source for in-depth guides on Fire TV, third-party app installations, and free online streaming. In response to growing concerns about the credibility of third-party websites, it provides expert recommendations for the best VPNs to ensure your online security. SurfShark emerges as the top choice, offering the ultimate protection for navigating online gray areas.

Managed by a global team of tech specialists, VPN UNIVERSITY suggests VPNs thoroughly tested in numerous nations. Regularly subjected to rigorous testing, these VPNs guarantee accessibility across various streaming platforms, recommending the perfect fit for your specific needs.

In this evaluation “Surfshark emerges as an incredibly budget-friendly VPN provider, boasting affordable rates and limitless simultaneous connections. Whether it’s for high-value streaming, heightened security, or family-sharing VPN use, we endorse Surfshark.”

WallVPN is a professional evaluation website for users to share great VPN.

Surfshark has always been a recommended VPN, with highlights such as security, VPN speed, cheap price and support for unlimited device connections, making it one of the Best China VPNS. is a well-known VPN review website in Asia, dedicated to recommending safe, easy-to-use and trustworthy VPNs to Chinese people around the world!

After completing the SurfShark review, GearVPN included Surfshark in the list of best China VPNs. Because of GFW, there are very few VPNs that can be used in China, but Surfshark can run very well in China. Therefore, we think Surfshark is one of the Best VPNs for China. is an unique VPN review website that recommends the most worth-trying VPNs for computer users, Android users, and Apple users.

GeVPN thinks that SurfShark is a rising star in the VPN industry. It works well in China, has strong security features, is fast, and has a good price. Therefore, Surfshark is the most cost-effective China VPN!

VPN Story is an initiative from a group of VPN enthusiasts constantly evaluating global VPN brands and providing authentic reviews to assist VPN users to choose the best one according to their need. VPN Story has been partnered with Surfshark from the beginning and found Surfshark one of the most reliable VPN service provider. With an extensive range of features, from its expansive global server network to its top-tier security measures and blazing-fast connection speeds, Surfshark has demonstrated its commitment to delivering a seamless and secure online experience. See the VPN Story review on Surfshark to find more details.

And this is just the beginning! We have some big news and partnerships coming in the future, so keep an eye on our updates.

Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.

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