A hand holding a magic wand over a top hat with clouds coming out of it and updates written on the clouds.

What’s cracking? Our April news is here! This time we have some much-anticipated launches and amazing product developments. Let’s unveil them!

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    VPN for Apple TV is now available

    We’ve finally launched this long-awaited update! Now you can easily download, set up, and use Surfshark VPN on your Apple TV. Why should you? Use a VPN for Apple TV to protect your online privacy and keep your viewing activity confidential. 

    A new feature launch — Web Protection 

    Great news for Windows users! Our Antivirus is coming back stronger than ever with a new feature — Web Protection. This feature examines apps on your device and scans URLs for known malware or phishing websites. It also blocks access to potentially harmful sites before you open them on your browser or any other app.

    Android VPN and Search widgets — revamped

    Our VPN and Search widgets were the main focus of Android improvements this month! With the Android 3.7 update, they received some neat visual enhancements. But that’s not all: the widgets will now also allow you to better control your VPN functionality and use Search straight from the widget itself.

    ID monitoring by Alert expanded to all countries

    Alert’s ID monitoring function goes global! With it, you’ll be notified if the information on your ID is leaked. This function was previously only available in a few countries. But that’s no longer the case — you can now monitor any ID regardless of its country of origin! Take this chance to start monitoring your ID now.

    And that’s April wrapped! 

    With all these improvements and updates, spring is off to a great start here at Surfshark. Make sure to take advantage of VPN for Apple TV, give Web Protection a go and don’t forget to update your apps for the latest enhancements.