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Discovery Channel is running Shark Week 2020 from August 9th to August 17th! Unfortunately, only cable TV subscribers can watch it… but is that really true? Here’s how you can get a bite of the action no matter where you are. Spoiler: you only need some help from a VPN.

What is Shark Week?

Shark Week is a week-long event on Discovery Channel. It started out way back in 1988 and has since become the longest-running cable TV event in history

For decades, Shark Week has regaled the viewers with tales of sharks, scientific Sphyrnidae discovery, and other lamniformes-focused media for a week every summer. Though the content of the recent years has turned to sensationalism more than scientific rigor, the week is still described as “jawsome”.

A related program, called Shweekend, premiered in 2015. Earlier in 2020,  Shark Week in a Weekend (a much better title) made its debut to shark-hungry audiences around the globe.

When is Shark Week 2020?

Shark Week 2020 will start on August 9th

What’s going to be on Shark Week 2020?

Here’s the full menu (all times EST/PST):

August 9th, Sunday
8 p.m. Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach Off
9 p.m. Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef
August 10th, Monday
8 p.m. Abandoned Waters
9 p.m. ShaqAttack
10 p.m. Jaws Awakens
August 11th, Tuesday
8 p.m. Extinct or Alive: Land of the Lost Sharks
9 p.m. Will Smith: Off The Deep End
10 p.m. Great White Serial Killer Extinction
August 12th, Wednesday
8 p.m. Monster Under the Bridge
9 p.m. Adam Devine’s Secret Shark Lair
10 p.m. Great White Double Trouble
August 13th, Thursday
8 p.m. Air Jaws 2020
9 p.m. Jaws in America
10 p.m. Mako Nation
August 14th, Friday
8 p.m. Alien Sharks: First Contact
9 p.m. Lair of the Great White
10 p.m. Tiger Shark King
11 p.m. I Was Prey Shark Week 2
August 16th, Saturday 
8 p.m. Sharks of Ghost Island
9 p.m. Wicked Sharks
10 p.m. Sharks Gone Wild 3
11 p.m. I Was Prey: Terrors from the Deep
August 17th, Sunday 
8 p.m. Naked & Afraid of Sharks 2

How to watch Shark Week on Discovery

shark week

If you live in the US

You’re in luck – Discovery GO, the premium service running the Weekend is US-based. You’re also out of luck: it’s a cable service. You need – at the very least – some cable subscription to watch it online.

Or you can just skip that and stream it via some other TV streaming service. Hulu would be an obvious choice – it streams Discovery – but there are others you could consider, like Philo and fuboTV

If you live outside the US

Sharks live in about every large body water, and shark fans crowd basically every shore. So while you can’t access Discovery GO in your country, you can get the next best thing: get a VPN and stream Hulu (or Philo, or fuboTV, or YouTubeTV – we won’t judge). 

“What’s a VPN?” you might ask? It stands for “Virtual Private Network”, and it’s an easy-to-use internet privacy and security tool. Crucially for us, it allows you to browse online via a US VPN server – meaning that Hulu et al. will believe that you are from the US. Here’s a beginner’s guide to get you up to speed. 

Normally, Hulu is a US-only service, but a thematically-appropriate VPN like Surfshark can help. Here’s how you do it:

1. Get Surfshark.
2. Install and run Surfshark.
3. Connect to a US server.
4. Open a Hulu account (you need to be on a US server for that). Hulu needs a valid US address (any address will do) and payment method when you open your account. There is an easy workaround:

  • Buy a Hulu gift card online. 
  • Follow the easy instructions to open your account with the gift card as your paying method.

5.  (optional) Get some popcorn.
6. Watch Shark Week via Hulu

Have any questions? Just like a shark has to always keep swimming to survive, our 24/7 customer service is always ready to help.

What about more sharks?

We have you covered there as well. If you want to see some shark-themed movies, use your new VPN powers and bite into the best shark movies on Netflix. Sharks don’t care about geo-restrictions – and neither should you as the ocean is borderless. 

Get Surfshark for the best shark-watching experience

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