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You love free things, and you love Popcorn Time. But what about that VPN warning that it gives at the start? Well, there are reasons for Popcorn Time fans to get a VPN. This article will reveal why you need a VPN for Popcorn Time and how you can get the best one.

Why do I need a Popcorn Time VPN?

Popcorn Time is a mix of a video player and a BitTorrent client. This means that instead of hosting the movies in a single place, they are downloaded by the users and then shared with all other users. This is the basic operating principle of the torrent system. Unfortunately, that is also what puts you in danger of lawsuits.

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As a necessity of sharing files with other users, a torrent client also shares the user’s IP address. This means that it’s possible to tie your internet address (that’s basically what IP is) to your torrent downloads. When torrent users aren’t using a VPN to hide their IP, not only they are showing that they’re downloading (or uploading) torrents, but they can also be tied to specific ones.

Torrent software is often used to share files in violation of copyright law. Seeding and sharing such files via torrents can be punishable by law. Torrent users put themselves in danger if they do not hide their IP addresses. For more on torrenting and VPNs, read this

Popcorn Time users have previously been targeted by companies that seek to protect copyrighted content by identifying torrent users by their IP addresses. The first big case demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlement. Another one merely asked for hundreds

To prevent such incidents, you need to use a VPN. One of the basic ways in which VPNs help you is by providing you with another IP that cannot be traced to you. VPNs also encrypt your data, meaning that your ISP can’t tell if you’re using a torrent client. 

How to choose the right Popcorn Time VPN? 

Not all VPNs are developed equally, and some of them are better suited to Popcorn Time streaming than others. Here’s what to be on the lookout for:

Allows P2P torrenting: some VPNs have issues with torrents – particularly with streaming. So if you care about helping other Popcorn Time users, check out Surfshark VPN.

Has a Kill Switch: sometimes, a VPN connection may be interrupted. If this happens while your regular internet connection is on, your real IP (and not the VPN server IP) will be revealed to other Popcorn Time users. Kill Switches prevent this by cutting the internet connection if the VPN connection isn’t on.

Has a No-Logs policy: the VPN provider can record your metadata on their servers – meaning they can keep tabs on what you do online. The best VPN servers operate on a no-logs policy, which means that they don’t keep any records of your online activities. 

Is known for good speeds: for this one, you’ll have to check user reviews and comments that people leave on Trustpilot. Streaming video is resource-intensive, so you want a VPN that’s known to be fast and has many servers in various countries. 

Supports many platforms: Popcorn Time is available on Android and iOS. Does your chosen VPN cover those? If you chose Surfshark, then the answer is “Yes.” 

How do I use Popcorn Time with a VPN

Today, using a VPN is no more complicated than using Popcorn Time. Here’s how you combine the two: 

  1. Download, install, and run a VPN.
  2. Connect to a server, any server (the app usually has some sort of “fast connect” button).
  3. Launch Popcorn Time. Ignore the VPN warning – you can read about it in the section below.
  4. Stream whatever you want to stream. 

That’s the whole procedure that makes your Popcorn Time streaming VPN protected. 

How do I turn off Popcorn Time VPN warning?

In a word, you can’t. The Popcorn Time VPN warning is not a warning – it’s an ad for some VPN service.

The app can’t tell if you’re using a VPN or not, and it’s not meant to. You’ll just have to ignore it. You already know that you have a VPN running and protecting you – ignore what Popcorn Time is saying. 

Is using Popcorn Time legal?

By itself, Popcorn Time isn’t an illegal app. It is just a well-made mix of a video player and a torrent client. However, if you use it for illegal activities like streaming copyrighted movies, and you’re caught doing that, it might have legal consequences. That’s why you better use a VPN.

Note that Surfshark does not encourage nor condone illegal activities. 

Can I use Popcorn Time without a VPN?

Popcorn Time will function without a VPN. Unless your ISP is blocking torrents or Popcorn Time itself, you don’t need a VPN to use it. However, as we outline above, it is dangerous to use Popcorn Time without protecting yourself with a VPN first.

Is Popcorn Time safe without a VPN?

The Popcorn Time software isn’t dangerous by itself. However, if you use it without a VPN, you’ll be exposed to the same dangers you would face when using torrents without a VPN.

The official Popcorn Time app will not give you a virus. It’s open code, which means anyone can inspect what it does. 

However, you may still be in danger by going to suspicious websites that pose as Popcorn Time. You may also be infected by malware while streaming a movie. In both cases, a VPN and up-to-date anti-virus software are necessary for your safety.  

Will Popcorn Time slow down when using a VPN?

VPN use might slow down your connection a little. Encryption – one of the essential features of VPN – takes up some bandwidth. This part is unavoidable, but the speed decrease should be minor at best on a modern connection.

Internet speed also depends on the VPN server you use. The closer it is to you, and the less traffic passes through it, the faster your connection would be. For example, Surfshark automatically connects you to the optimal location, meaning that your speed drop should be negligible. 

In summary

The torrent-based nature of Popcorn Time makes you vulnerable online. But if you find the right VPN, you can protect your streaming experience. What’s even more, a good Popcorn Time VPN will open the internet to you like never before, all while keeping you safe.

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