Trust DNS

The app provides a fundamental layer of privacy protection by masking user’s browsing activities from unsolicited tracking.

Trust DNS is a secure DNS resolver for Android. The app enables you to browse the internet securely from surveillance and activity tracking. It comes as the company’s tribute to an inherent human right to privacy and is therefore available completely free of charge for everyone.

Trust DNS app stands out in the competition by being completely ad-free and does not require registration. Browsing privacy is guaranteed by industry-leading security protocols DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS, as well as a strict no-logs policy.

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Although restricting online freedom may seem like something more prevalent within the oppressive regimes, a lot of democratic countries, like Germany, France, or Austria, have also violated their citizens’ right to free information.

Safeguarding online privacy and freedom is the essence of Surfshark. However, many people cannot afford premium software, such as a virtual private network. Instead, they choose free solutions which, in most cases, are more dangerous than none.

Since DNS level blocks of news sites, social media platforms, software, etc., is considered the most common form of censorship, we created Trust DNS to grant a basic level of protection for everyone as an embodiment of our company values.

With Trust DNS you can:

  • Disguise your browsing activities from everyone, including internet service providers (ISPs) and surveilling agencies. Although Trust DNS does not change the user’s IP address, its browsing information cannot be identified.
  • Access blocked websites heavily restrictive countries such as Wikipedia in Turkey or YouTube in Thailand.
  • Avoid buffering and lagging since one of the key advantages of Trust DNS is its remarkable speed.

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