We’ve received many recommendations, as well as good insights about how we can improve our service.



Although choosing a VPN service can get overwhelming, VPNmentor.com is your tool to make the process pleasant. A team of international cybersecurity experts carries out extensive VPN reviews, how-to’s and publish the most important news from the industry.

Surfshark got recently reviewed by VPNmentor.com as well, and we received excellent feedback. “Surfshark hasn’t been around for very long, but in a short time, they’ve created a powerful VPN,” Ran Greenberg concluded.



Experts at Comparitech.com have spent thousands of hours researching and testing security, privacy and networking services. Founded in 2015, Comparitech.com is a team of over 30 researchers, writers, developers, and editors.

Comparitech.com recently reviewed Surfshark, and wrote: “This secure, private service is ideal for those looking to stream, torrent, or use a VPN in China, and allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.” As well as provided us with some insightful recommendations on how to make our service better.



CyberSecurity experts from Netherlands, vpndiensten.nl provide trusted consumer advice for people, who are looking to learn more about best VPN services. They reviewed Surfshark and gave us 10/10 for value.



As one of the leaders in the industry, Thebestvpn.com provides extended and insightful reviews of various VPN services. Thebestvpn.com reviewed Surfshark and concluded: “Surfshark has its privacy, security, speed and protection on point. They excel in that area.”




Our partners Anonymster.com is a trusted source of VPN reviews as well as Kodi VPN and Internet Privacy Tutorials. They recently reviewed Surfshark and concluded: “This VPN service truly delivers on what it promises, and when this comes with the best price in the industry – one is ready to forgive small cons.”


Top10.com helps its readers by comparing various services and things from finance, tech, household, and lifestyle. Top10.com reviewed Surfshark and many other different VPNs when compiling its list of the best services on offer.”




Vpnmag.fr examine VPN services for the French-speaking audience. On top of that, Vpnmag.fr offer easy-to-follow how-to guides.



Top10VPN.com make your VPN choice super convenient by letting you select a category of your need for which you’re searching a VPN. So you can unlock the internet while connected to the best VPNs there are. Surfshark is currently in top 10 list of VPN providers, and in 2019 we’re dedicated to shining brighter.



Privacycanada.net seeks to provide information on online privacy and security tools for the Canadian audience. Privacycanada.net reviewed Surfshark, and concluded: “As we have shown on this review, it is clear that Surfshark provides great value at amazing prices.”



Privacyaustralia.net examined many VPN services and helps their users select the best one for their needs. Privacyaustralia.net tested Surfshark and concluded: “The platform is great for all of the reasons you’d want a VPN, such as access to streamed content, big-name content platforms like NetFlix, Hulu, and P2P file sharing websites. Best of all, you get unlimited connections. That isn’t a perk you’ll find with even the largest competitors.”



Topvpnservice.com is a honest review website which examines top VPN providers. Topvpnservice.com reviewed Surfshark, and concluded: “For starters, I prefer Surfshark mainly because of its security and speed rankings! The amount of times I’ve been on Netflix streaming without any interruptions is impeccable! It offers up to 1040+ servers and 61+ countries for only $2.49/mo. and that is pretty reasonable.”



Expertreviews.co.uk analyze everything the tech industry has to offer – from cameras, TVs to games and VPNs. Expertreviews.co.uk examined Surfshark and concluded: “It’s hard to believe that Surfshark is only a year old. It feels like a very mature service, and one that’s easy to use and works well. If things continue improving at this rate, Surfshark will soon be a real challenge to the big players.”



In 2018 BestVPN.co have already tested and reviewed over 80 VPN providers. Their team assesses a VPN from every single aspect. BestVPN.co recognized Surfshark as an outstanding VPN, and we’re currently topping their list. Here’s what they said about us: “SurfShark is one such VPN service that we found to be incredibly gritty in its performance to ensure user privacy in the digital sphere. It has many other power packed features that are highly reliable towards delivering what they promise.” You can read the full review here.


vpn ranksVpnranks.com offer a wide variety of detailed VPN reviews, as well as industry news, online security news, unblocking solutions, etc. Select a VPN by your interest – country, purpose or OS.

Vpnranks.com reviewed Surfshark and wrote: “Surfshark is one of the new entries in the world of online privacy. Despite that, this prodigal VPN is already making waves due to its impressive features and powerful performance.”




Proprivacy.com provides transparent and in-depth VPN reviews. On top of that, you will find the most important news updates, recommendations, and guides. Also, each year Proprivacy.com organize awards to celebrate the best and most trusted VPNs. Last year, Surfshark was nominated in 3 categories, including Best Overall, Best Privacy and Best Value VPN.



As a devoted online privacy and security enthusiast, Thevpn.guru dedicates his time to examine different VPN services and provide detailed guides to his audience. Thevpn.guru reviewed Surfshark and concluded: “If SurfShark’s claims are anything to go by, then they truly deliver. Ultra-fast speeds, reliability, strict no-logs policy, military-grade encryption and its relatively even distribution of server locations globally”. 



Vpnoverview.com tests and reviews different VPN providers. On top of everything, the site provides some tips and tricks on how to stay private and secure online. Vpnoverview.com reviewed Surfshark, and concluded: “Quite new VPN provider that instantly makes a good impression. Fast, easy to use and very cheap. We’re sold!” 



An emerging VPN review website VPNpro.com will help you decide what kind of a VPN you need – whether it’s for security, or streaming your favorite movies. This year, VPNpro.com also announced Surfshark as the as the Best VPN Newcomer!



Vpnpick.com reviews different VPNs and provides guides and explanations on how VPNs work, what are the best options for P2P, etc. Vpnpick.com reviewed Surfshark and concluded: “Surfshark is a promising VPN provider that is already getting things right when it comes to privacy and security.”

Franceiptv.fr and Iptvnobrasil.com


Our partners Franceiptv.fr and Iptvnobrasil.com are two of the biggest VPN review websites in French and Brasil languages. They review VPN providers by their features and let you find precisely what you want.



A prominent website, dedicated to reviewing VPN services to assist you in selecting the right one for your online privacy and security. Bestreviews.net ranks and compares VPNs based on customer and expert reviews.

Their experts have just reviewed Surfshark, and we’re happy to receive such positive results. To quote the review: “Surfshark wants to be the dominant predator in the VPN seas and it has enough reasons to rightfully aim for that.”



Our partners from Sweden vpnportalen.se review and compare top VPN service providers. All you need to know about the industry – in the Swedish language.


fastest vpn guide

A computer networking and IT security expert Tim Tremblay created fastestvpnguide.com to test and compare VPN services. The site examined Surfshark, and concluded: “It’s rare to see a new VPN company become a serious contender as quickly as Sharksurf has. But, when you start from the ground up with absolutely airtight privacy, a clean and easy to use client and back it up with a large global server network that offers excellent performance, it’s time for everyone to take notice.”

Our partners from the Netherlands, vpngids.nl provide in-depth, informative, professional reviews and comparisons of VPN services. They’ve also recently examined Surfshark.



Our partner proxyvpn.fr explains all you need to know about trusted VPN service providers for the French-speaking audience. Proxyvpn.fr compared different VPNs according to their key criteria – choosing one for you is more comfortable.


Cooltechzone.com is a group of tech geeks, who provide VPN reviews and comparisons. They explain all about the features and benefits so that everyone can understand. Cooltechzone.com reviewed Surfshark, and concluded: “Surfshark is a secure and safe VPN that is able to hide your real IP on the Internet and guard you against cyberattacks.”


3scilo.com reviews software, apps, online courses, and VPN providers. The site provides step-by-step guides and tips to use for reviewed products.



LesMeilleursVPN.com is a page dedicated to anonymity and helping French speaking audiences around the world choose the most suitable VPN provider. They analyze the ins and outs of various VPN services as well as write extensive guides on their use cases.


the vpn shop surfshark review

thevpnshop.com is a professional VPN review portal that works on a different rationale than the most. The partner’s user-based review model is focused on providing unbiased recommendations so that potential users would find the right VPN provider for their needs.


Fire Sticks hacks

Firestick Hacks focuses on all things that help you improve your Firestick experience – apps, tips & tricks, hidden features, and more! If you need recommendations and how-tos for your Fire TV device, this is definitely the place to get them.


Best VPN for Kodi

KodiVPN.co is purely dedicated to bringing the best of Kodi media player to every streaming fan. By helping users’ to stream their favorite Movies and TV Shows through Kodi, they also highlight how valuable it is to use a VPN. This website recommends Surfshark to be their top choice when it comes to private streaming on Kodi.


howtowatchinaustralia.com – while Surfshark is a new entrant in the VPN industry, it comes across as a service far beyond its age. It’s one of the best VPNs we have tested to date and would highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking to secure your online communications and privacy on a budget.


WebHostingSecretRevealed is a premier brand when it comes to the recommendation of web technologies. Their passion for cutting edge performance have given them uncanny foresight into the next big things online. 

Their review of Surfshark brought us to the top of their favorites list, concluding that Surfshark “checks of many of the right boxes that make up a good VPN – Speed, Security, and Anonymity.”

And this is just the beginning! We have some big news and partnerships coming in 2019, so keep an eye on our updates.

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