Are Torrents Legal and Safe?

The legality of torrenting excessively complicated. Peer-to-peer services aren’t illegal on their own. This means that sharing files on the internet with other users theoretically is legal.

However, it gets complicated once copyrighted material is involved. Therefore, if sharing such files is illegal, both the provider of the services and the users can get fined or even be sentenced to jail. The legality of torrenting varies and changes in countries across the globe.

At the time of writing, according to

  • downloading copyrighted content for personal use is permitted in Spain, Poland, and Switzerland;
  • overlooked in Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Greece, Iran, India, Philippines, Egypt;
  • Fined in Finland, Germany, France, Great Britain;
  • torrenting sites are shut down in the USA, Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Russia, China, Australia, and South Africa.

Hence, if you’re a German and decided to download a movie, you’ll probably be asked to pay a fine. There are cases when users received bills as big as € 5 000. If you’re an Australian, you’ll probably won’t access any P2P site at all as it’ll be blocked (or if it’s available today, it may not be so tomorrow).

However, we advise you to stay out of trouble and opt for legal streaming services.

How Can a VPN Benefit Torrenting

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A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, like Surfshark, encrypts all traffic – thus, your data is secured. Neither your ISP nor any third-party snoopers can see what you’re up to while surfing the net. Usually, people get VPNs to access desired websites, or just stay private when downloading or seeding torrents.

Usually, the ISP can see that someone is using a VPN, but can’t look at the contents, because they’re encrypted. Surfshark’s servers are obfuscated by default, this means, that traffic is “camouflaged” to not look like VPN traffic. It stops your ISP from knowing you’re decided to protect your privacy by using a VPN.

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On top of that, torrenting sites can be full of malicious files that can infect your device with, for instance, malware. So be cautious when clicking on links and downloading files. Surfshark protects from malware in websites, but caution still is prudent. Our feature CleanWeb(™) protects from phishing, malware and blocks ads.

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