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What is IPTV?

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which refers to any type of television streaming provided over the internet. This includes providing you access to live television broadcasts and streaming services that are available in a standalone format.

In some instances, streaming providers refer to their service as IPTV. In reality, IPTV can be used as a broad term that is applied to any TV consumption that happens online. While IPTV services have been around for quite a while, they have been steadily growing in popularity as a cheaper alternative to cable or satellite TV.

Disclaimer: Surfshark cannot guarantee compatibility of VPN services with all IPTV providers. Customers are advised to check the Terms of Service (ToS) of their IPTV provider before using a VPN.

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Utilizing a VPN for IPTV

When you use a VPN with IPTV, you’re streaming with enhanced privacy: your ISP doesn’t know what you’re doing, while the IPTV operator doesn’t know your actual IP address. And not leaving your IP wherever you go leads to increased security, as knowing the address is key for any hacking attempts. 

Plus, as your connection to the IPTV service is encrypted, the ISP can’t read your internet traffic and engage in ISP throttling. Encryption is what also grants you security on public networks: if you stream IPTV on public Wi-Fi, you can be sure that your login data is safe, even if it’s intercepted. 

And when you combine the benefit of encryption and routing via a VPN server, you can overcome media censorship imposed by oppressive governments. 

Disclaimer: Please note that using Surfshark services for any illegal activities is strictly forbidden and violates our Terms of Service. Make sure that any use of Surfshark services for your particular activities conforms to all relevant laws and regulations, including those of any service providers and websites you access using Surfshark.

Utilizing a VPN for IPTV

What are the best ways to use Surfshark with IPTV?

Regional blocks

Regional blocks

You may face a number of obstacles when trying to use IPTV services. These include oppressive government censorship or school and workplace firewalls. By connecting to one of Surfshark’s VPN servers, you can overcome such restrictions and enjoy IPTV once again.

Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi

You may be tempted to watch IPTV content on public Wi-Fi whenever you’re away from home. Unfortunately, such networks tend to pose a lot of privacy and security risks. When you use a VPN, your traffic is encrypted, keeping you safe from snoopers, even on public networks.

Online data collection

Online data collection

If you aren't using a VPN app while streaming IPTV, advertisers can take your personal information and use it to run targeted ads. Surfshark VPN helps avoid this by encrypting your internet connection, which limits the amount of data that third parties can gather.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch

You don’t want your data to start leaking if something goes wrong with your VPN. That’s why Surfshark has Kill Switch — a feature that shuts down your internet when your VPN connection drops, which keeps you safe and private at all times.

Unlimited simultaneous connections

Unlimited simultaneous connections

Keep all your devices protected with Surfshark. We offer unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can watch your favorite shows on IPTV without having to count the number of VPN connections you have.

Fast and secure protocols

Fast and secure protocols

Privacy protection should not hinder your online experience. Your VPN connection speed can be slowed down by outdated protocols. Thankfully, Surfshark only uses WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN — some of the fastest and most reliable protocols in the business.

How to use a VPN with IPTV

How to use a VPN with IPTV

Watching IPTV content while using Surfshark VPN service  is really easy:

  1. Choose a Surfshark subscription and create your account.
  2. Download the Surfshark app on the devices that you use to watch IPTV.
  3. Open the Surfshark app and connect to one of 3200+ VPN servers.
  4. Start viewing your IPTV services and benefit from having a private, fast internet connection.

How to fix IPTV issues when using a VPN

Some IPTV services may not work as well with a VPN as others. The simple fixes you’ll find below are enough to solve most issues

  • Uninstall and reinstall the IPTV application while connected to the VPN;
  • Try changing your VPN server location to one in a different country;
  • Change the default protocol in Surfshark settings. Go to the Settings window, click VPN Settings, and go to the Protocol tab. Try different protocols and see if that helps with your issue.
  • If you’re using a free VPN, try switching to a premium one.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the solutions above will solve all issues with IPTV services. Each IPTV service provider has unique Terms and Conditions. Make sure you get familiar with them to avoid any unintentional violations when using a VPN.

How to fix IPTV issues when using a VPN


What is an IPTV VPN?

An IPTV VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) you use together with any internet-based TV service (you may also call them “online streaming services”). It’s useful for overcoming local firewalls, streaming privately, and avoiding bandwidth throttling.

How does an IPTV VPN work?

A VPN works by encrypting and routing your data via a VPN server. For IPTV, your ISP or network administrator can’t stop you from connecting to the service or throttle the connection speed.

Why do I need an IPTV VPN?

You need an IPTV VPN to:

  1. Watch IPTV if it’s blocked by school/university/work/etc. firewalls; 
  2. Overcome bandwidth throttling by your ISP; 
  3. Stream content privately while avoiding snoopers and bad actors.

Will an IPTV VPN improve my streaming quality?

If your ISP is throttling your connection, a VPN can help you overcome it, making your connection speed faster. As a result, your streaming quality will increase. In other cases, a premium VPN usually has a near-neutral effect on streaming quality.

Can I use an IPTV VPN on multiple devices?

It depends on the IPTV VPN provider. For example, Surfshark protects unlimited devices with a single VPN account. 

Will an IPTV VPN protect my online privacy?

An IPTV VPN will protect your online privacy by hiding your IP address and encrypting the data that passes between your device and the VPN server. This keeps your information safe from snoopers, bad actors, your ISP, and even oppressive governments.

How do I get an IPTV VPN certificate?

If you want to set up an IPTV VPN on a device that doesn’t support VPN apps, you need to get a VPN certificate (among other things). It’s not that hard to do — just check out our guide on setting up a VPN on any device

What is the best VPN for IPTV?

The best VPN services for IPTV are always provided by trustworthy, paid VPNs that guarantee privacy and security, have a large quantity of quality servers, and provide additional useful features — like Surfshark VPN.

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