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Protect your entire network with a VPN router

  • Secure your consoles, laptops, computers, smart TVs, and phones
  • Ensure 24/7 uninterrupted privacy for your home or business

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VPN router benefits at home

Protect every device you have

Does your device connect to the internet? Then you can secure it with a VPN router and make sure that “dumb” smart devices do not pose threats to your entire network.

Ensure all your family is covered

You don’t need to teach your grandma or your kid how to use a VPN. With a VPN router, everyone’s protected at all times.

Access any content you love

Being private is great, but so is Netflix - and many other streaming services. Enjoy global content at your fingertips, on any device.

VPN router benefits at the office

Implement easy-to-use security measures

There’s no need for a security workshop - everyone who connects to the office Wi-Fi will be automatically protected.

Encrypt sensitive work information

Do you work with data that needs to be secured? A VPN router will ensure that all your traffic is safe & sound, thanks to encryption.

Maintain high speed & efficiency

With Surfshark on your VPN router, you get reliably great speeds every time you connect. Don’t slow down for the sake of security!

How to choose the correct VPN router?

Check if it’s VPN compatible.

If it works with OpenVPN, you’re probably good to go!

Get a router that’s already set up

You can get a VPN router from FlashRouters that will work with Surfshark immediately.

Sign up for Surfshark.

Get a VPN that’s fast, reliable, and will do exactly what you need.

Why FlashRouter is a smart decision?

What extra benefits and features gives FlashRouters
Privacy app?

- Servers updated every 24 hours
- Least Loaded and Closest to your Server sort options
- Auto Connect to VPN
- Policy Routing and Kill switch by device
- Guest network easy creation
- Policy Routing by Network
- Setup multiple WiFi networks at once - 1 for VPN, 1 for Local ISP, and even 1 for SmartDNS if you want
- CleanWeb feature will be implemented as well with a checkbox option in the FR App

Choose Surfshark for your new VPN router

Try it risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee

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