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Android TV VPN

A streaming extravaganza

Is your favorite streaming service not available where you are? Are your shows locked away in a geo-blocked library?
With Surfshark, you can unlock any streaming service, anywhere:

Accessibility and security, right in your Android TV

Stream at speed: more than a thousand servers around the world and a focus on fast download speed makes Surfshark VPN excellent for streaming content wherever you may be.

Supports all Android TV boxes: there’s a dizzying variety of Android TV boxes out in the world. Are you worried that Surfshark may not support yours? You don’t need to – our app works with any Android TV box.

User friendly interface: Surfshark works great no matter which way you control your smart TV. Ever connected to a VPN server while using a TV remote? You can now!

Improve security: smart gadgets are vulnerable to hackers. But with a VPN, you can make your devices a lot more secure. Closing ports, encrypting your data, and hiding IP closes many of the doors hackers would use to harm you. 

Easy to install: our VPN app is so easy to install, it will be done in a heartbeat. Install, connect, done! No lengthy manuals or complicated processes here. 

How to set up Android TV VPN


Find Surfshark on Google Play Store. Install it.





Open the Surfshark app and log in (or create an account).


Click “Connect” and you’re done!

1700+ servers, 63 countries, 6 continents

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Australia AUS
Brazil BRA
Canada CAN
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Germany DEU
Hong Kong HKG
India IND
Israel ISR
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New Zealand NZL
Norway NOR
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Russia RUS
Singapore SGP
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United States USA
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Android TV VPN FAQ

Will VPN work on my Android TV?

Yes. Surfshark VPN, vetted by Google and available via the Google Play Store, is guaranteed to work with any up-to-date Android operating system. But if your Android version is older than Android 5 (Lollipop), you may not even see the Surfshark app on the store. Is there anything you can do in this case? Yes, you can sideload the app – just read the guide here. 

Do I need an Android TV VPN?

There are several reasons why you might need an Android TV VPN.

Streaming services often engage in geo-blocking. Netflix libraries differ from country to country – the US has the most extensive one. There are some amazing shows you can’t see without access to US Netflix. Other streaming services such as Hulu and Peacock are not available outside the US. With a Surfshark VPN, you can access all of them, wherever you are. 

Streaming video uses a lot of internet bandwidth. That’s why internet service providers would like to spy on your traffic and slow your connection down when you’re streaming video (it also happens to P2P sharing, online gaming, and so on). But a VPN shields your data from the ISP, and you can watch what you want without slowdowns. 

Furthermore, streaming devices can be hacked. But when the VPN is shielding your connection, this becomes much harder to do.

Can I use a Free Android TV VPN?

You should definitely not use a free VPN with your Android TV – or any other device. Free VPNs don’t have the funding to keep up with the latest developments in technology and can’t offer you the most secure encryption and tunneling. 

Even without development costs, there’s the question of maintenance. How do they pay for keeping the servers running for a free VPN? One possibility is that the free VPNs keep logs of your browsing data – and sell them to advertisers. That is, if it’s not doing something more insidious – about a third of free VPN apps on Google Play Store contain malware.

Is Android TV VPN legal?

Yes, there’s nothing illegal in using a VPN on Android platforms. Some countries like Russia or China restrict or heavily regulate VPN use, but it is not an issue in most of the world.

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