Small companies, headquartered in the middle of lockdowns happening all around the world, are at risk of being hit the hardest. That’s why we want to help those who may otherwise have trouble navigating this new landscape of remote working and help ensure the appropriate security measures are taken.

We are giving free 6-month accounts to companies which have ten employees or less. If you wish to apply, fill in a simple form that will help us determine if the company fits the bill, and we will issue an account for everyone to share.

Why do you need a VPN when you work at home?

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During the time of a crisis, cybercriminals are likely to look for ways to exploit anyone they can. Remote work creates a perfect opportunity for that since a lot of people will be moving from admin-protected, secure office networks to their home Wi-Fi.

Without a VPN, businesses may be vulnerable to:

  • Sensitive business information leaks due to a lack of encryption
  • Data thefts due to unsafe networks outside the office
  • Malware and phishing attacks

That is some of the reasons why most major corporations use VPNs when their employees are working remotely due to travel, or in this context, due to necessary self-isolation and quarantines. 

How can a VPN help? 

A VPN will encrypt all the traffic that travels from a device to its destination and vice versa. It can help make any network secure and prevent hackers from targeting employees when they work from home.

Malware and phishing are one of the biggest cybersecurity threats during the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer a feature called CleanWeb, which helps prevent malware and phishing attacks. It blocks more than 1,000,000 known-malicious domains that spread malware or dangerous links.

Since we do not limit how many devices you can connect to a single account, or how many simultaneous connections you can run, one account is perfect for a small company. 

We hope that our contribution can help out those who need it the most: small companies that may struggle during these hard times. If you have a company with ten or fewer employees, or if you work at one, and you’re affected by the COVID-19 breakout, please apply for a free account here

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