However, PrimeWire often finds itself in hot water. Movie distributors seem to be unhappy with a service that shows their movies for free. In fact, LetMeWatchThis’ slogan is “#1 place to watch movies online without paying ridiculous theater prices.” That’s why PrimeWire often receives takedowns, geo-restrictions, and similar hostile acts. But what can a user do if they still want to watch movies without any constraints?

Luckily for them, there are several ways to unblock PrimeWire. 

How to get PrimeWire Unblocked?

  1. Change DNS settings
  2. Open Proxy/Mirror Site
  3. Use a VPN
  4. Try PrimeWire Alternatives

This article will explain the four ways to unblock Primewire. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and they will be outlined so that you can make the best choice. Are you ready to unblock Primewire? 

DNS changing apps to unblock PrimeWire

4 Easy Ways to Get Primewire Unblocked

A Domain Name System (DNS) works to translate human-readable URLs to IP addresses. It’s usually compared to a phonebook, in that it ties names to numbers. Blocking a website or a service on the DNS level is one of the easiest ways for someone to block PrimeWire. And since your internet service provider (ISP) is usually your DNS provider, your access to the internet is at their mercy. 

DNS changer apps work by bypassing your ISP’s DNS database. For example, TrustDNS creates a virtual tunnel to its DNS database, from which you can access anything. In fact, we recommend using TrustDNS for this approach to unblocking PrimeWire. Here’s why:

The Good

  • Basic platforms. DNS changer apps are usually easy to install and work on a variety of common platforms. For example, Trust DNS works on Android, and it’s an excellent solution for mobile or TV. 
  • Safe and secure. Many DNS changer apps operate under a no-logs policy. So while your ISP may be mandated by law to keep logs of your activities, DNS changer apps don’t. Trust DNS, for example, doesn’t keep any logs. 
  • Free. The basic level of internet accessibility and privacy provided by most DNS apps is free of charge. 

The Bad

  • Not all-powerful. There are other means than DNS to block PrimeWire. If your ISP is using IP-level blocking, you won’t be able to access the stream using a DNS changer.
  • Not universal. DNS changer apps usually don’t support as many platforms as VPN apps. For instance, you can only use Trust DNS to unblock PrimeWire on Android devices and TV. 

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The Verdict

A DNS changing app is a good way to get PrimeWire unblocked, and we’re recommending Trust DNS. It’s free, trustworthy, and enhances your privacy. It can help you access other sites as well. After all, even access to 1channel and LetMeWatchThis can get blocked by your ISP. Bypass these blockades with TrustDNS now!

Primewire proxy/mirror sites 

4 Easy Ways to Get Primewire Unblocked

Mirror sites are a necessity for streaming websites to stay unblocked. A streaming mirror site is identical in design and content to the main site but has a different URL. Another term for it is “proxy streaming site.”

PrimeWire, as well as 1channel and LetMeWatchThis, are high-profile targets for blocking. It’s the reason why PrimWire proxies exist. Like all mirror sites, they’re hosted separately from the main website, making the operation hard to take down. They provide an alternative for you when PrimeWire is not working. Here’s a lift of PrimeWire proxy sites: 

The Good

  • Works in the browser. Proxy streaming sites work the same way as regular streaming sites. Therefore, you can easily access them from the browser, just like you would with the main site. 
  • No intermediaries. Unlike some other methods – like DNS changer apps – proxy websites do not require you to install any new things. You can enjoy them without any apps, plugins or even registration. 

The Bad

  • Not secure. When you access a PrimeWire proxy website without protecting your connection, your ISP can see this. If the ISP that blocked PrimeWire is cooperating with institutions that want the proxies blocked as well, they might use that information to go after users. 
  • Malware and ads. A proxy website may be less than trustworthy. You’re risking exposing yourself to malware and annoying ads.
  • Slow loading speed. There’s no guarantee that the main streaming site will be fast. There’s even less guarantee that a PrimeWire Proxy site will be fast. 

The Verdict

Using PrimeWire proxy/mirror sites is the least technically involved method to unblock streaming sites. However, this way is not as secure as some of the alternatives. In the end, when you use this method to unblock PrimeWire, you’re gaining ease-of-use in exchange for exposing yourself to some risks. 

Use VPNs to get PrimeWire unblocked

4 Easy Ways to Get Primewire Unblocked

Virtual Private Networks – VPNs – are some of the most powerful tools you have for securing your connection and improving accessibility online. A VPN is made for streaming as a VPN unblocks PrimeWire by changing your IP. This way, it overcomes both DNS and IP blocks. Of course, it has a bunch of other uses, but for unblocking PrimeWire, Surfshark VPN works like a charm. Here’s why: 

The Good

  • Safe and secure. Surfshark unblocks PrimeWire and spoofs ISP’s attempts to gather your data. In fact, Surfshark can hide the fact that you’re using a VPN. Meanwhile, Surfshark itself gathers no user data. 
  • No nuisance. Surfshark provides increased protection from hackers and anyone trying to trace you. It also prevents pesky ads from following you around the net. 
  • The universal solution. A single Surfshark account is enough to secure any device you like – you have unlimited installs! It can also be installed on your home Wi-Fi router to secure any connected device instantly. 

The Bad

  • It’s premium. Surfshark isn’t free. The subscription starts at $11.95 for the monthly plan and goes as low as $1.77/month for the 27-month plan. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The Verdict

Using a VPN to unblock PrimeWire is probably the smoothest way to do that. Despite the fact that premium VPNs like Surfshark cost more than nothing, you’re getting a lot more in return. With a VPN you will be more secure than before and enjoy greater access to online content. Why not try it now:

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Try PrimeWire site alternatives

4 Easy Ways to Get PrimeWire Unblocked

PrimeWire isn’t the first free movie streaming service in the world. In fact, there are a lot of PrimeWire alternatives out there. You may have heard some of them already, like “Putlocker.” However, the biggest ones tend to face the same issues as PrimeWire. Still, they might be worth a try. Here’s a short list of good Primewire/1channel/LetMeWatchNow alternatives:

The Good

  • The upsides of PrimeWire alternatives are roughly the same as for mirror sites: they work in the browser and need no intermediaries. 

The Bad

  • The downsides of PrimeWire alternatives? Basically the same as for mirror sites: lack of security, privacy and speed. 

So, Which One Should You Choose?

So now you know the four main ways to unblock PrimeWire. What do we know about them?

  1. TrustDNS is free and can overcome basic blocking techniques. 
  2. PrimeWire proxy sites require no payments or apps but aren’t that great when it comes to security and privacy.
  3. Surfshark is an excellent VPN for PrimeWire and provides many other benefits, but it’s not free.
  4. PrimeWire alternatives have similar pros and cons as mirror sites.

So what are the best choices?

Best for ease of use: PrimeWire mirror sites and alternatives 

Best for security: Surfshark VPN.

Best for price: TrustDNS+.

Whichever method to unblock PrimeWire you choose, we hope you have a good time watching movies and enjoying the freedom of the internet!