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Unblock Facebook easily with a VPN

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Facebook VPN

How to unblock Facebook with a VPN

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Step 1.

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Download and install the app.

Step 2.

Download and install the app.

Run the app and connect to a server where Facebook isn’t censored.

Step 3.

Run the app and connect to a server where Facebook isn’t censored.

Use Facebook.

Step 4.

Use Facebook.

A VPN for Facebook on any device

Get Surfshark and you’ll have a VPN for Facebook, which will work on any platform and allow you to access the world’s leading social media site. Here are the systems we support:

How is Facebook blocked?

How is Facebook blocked?

The way Facebook is blocked depends on who is carrying out the blockade:

  • School or work networks are likely to have firewalls that block connections to Facebook.
  • Countries might use DNS or IP blockers that block the Facebook address.
  • A really dedicated block might use “packet sniffing,” which checks your actual data for Facebook content.

However, the result is always the same: you can’t access Facebook.

How does a VPN for Facebook overcome geo-blocking?

The basic components of a functional VPN will allow it to easily bypass the major ways of blocking Facebook:

  • Basic firewall blocks are bypassed by routing your data via the VPN server.
  • DNS and IP-based blocks don’t work when you’re using a server in a country that doesn’t block Facebook.
  • The encrypted VPN connection foils packet sniffing. No reading data – no blocking Facebook!
How does a VPN for Facebook overcome geo-blocking?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a Facebook VPN legal?

Using a VPN is legal in most countries of the world.

Also, using a VPN will not get your Facebook account banned. 

Does a Facebook VPN encrypt messages?

Using a VPN to unblock Facebook means that all of your data between you and the VPN server is encrypted. This means that if Facebook Messenger traffic was not encrypted and someone was monitoring your data, they could see what you’re sending if you weren’t using a VPN.

However, VPN encryption does not hide your messages from Facebook – the messaging service wouldn’t be able to work otherwise. What a VPN does hide is the fact that you’re using Facebook Messenger from anyone monitoring your data – like internet service providers.

How can Facebook know my location with a VPN?

Facebook can track you even with a VPN on due to the permissions you gave it. On phones, you probably allowed Facebook to track your location using GPS and other means like Google Geolocation services. Essentially, it knows where you are because you agreed to tell it where you are. 

Does a VPN block Facebook tracking?

No, not by default. Facebook, its app, social logins, and widgets embedded on many websites are all used to track you. You might be able to avoid Facebook tracking if you don’t log in or use a new browser in private browsing mode.

How does a Facebook VPN compare to a Facebook proxy?

The question of a VPN vs. proxy comes up quite often because, just like a VPN, a proxy routes your connection through another server. But that is it – a proxy doesn’t encrypt your connection. So if you’re worried not only about being able to access Facebook but also hiding the fact that you’re doing it, you need a VPN.

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