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Think privacy beyond VPN

Surfshark Alert

Get real-time alerts when your emails & passwords are at risk of being hacked.

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Surfshark Search

The real incognito mode for searches you don’t want anyone to see.

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Surfshark Alert

A smart tool that operates as a breach detection mechanism to alert you about personal information leaks. Prevent the possible damage before it’s out of control.

It’s easy to get started


Verify your email

Go to your Alert dashboard & verify your email address.


We’ll scan the web

Alert will scan online databases to make sure your email hasn’t been leaked.


Get real-time alerts

We’ll alert you immediately if your email appears in leaked online databases.

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Surfshark Search

A powerful & lightweight search tool that only displays purely organic results. Perform web search queries in complete privacy with no ads, no logs, and no trackers.

Turn on the real incognito mode

Start using Search

Get accurate and relevant search results within milliseconds.

Enjoy complete privacy

Search without leaving any digital footprints.

Forget ads & targeting

Search won’t show you any ads. Period

Add an extra layer of security for $0.99/mo

You need an active Surfshark subscription to enable privacy beyond VPN.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

If you have a Surfshark account, you can activate both Alert & Search for only additional $0.99/mo on top of your current subscription. If you’re new here, sign up for a Surfshark account and select privacy beyond VPN upon registration.

Please note: Alert & Search come as a bundle.

How can I get the most out of these tools?

You can get the most out of these tools by actively using them to greatly improve your digital privacy every day. While a VPN offers a great deal of security and peace of mind online, there are some areas it simply cannot cover. That’s why we’ve created Alert & Search to help you make the most out of your Surfshark account.

Why should I trust Surfshark with my email address?

We are committed to your privacy; and we put our words to actions by enforcing a strict no-logs policy to all of our tools & services. While some information - like your email address - is necessary in order to provide you with our services, we understand that you put your trust in us and we therefore protect the minimal information we do have, and keep it private at all times.

How often should I expect to receive an alert from Surfshark Alert?

That depends on how often your private details appear in databases, easily accessible by hackers online. If you have had an email address for a very long time and have been using it to register for services and websites frequently, it is more likely that it will get caught in a data breach or leak simply because of that.

If your information remains completely safe, we’ll update you monthly to notify about what happened in the digital security world.

How do I act on the information you share with me?

If you receive an alert that your information has been leaked, you must change your email password and also change the password for all the accounts where you used that email to register. A lot of people tend to reuse their passwords - which is why it’s best to use unique ones for each account that you have.

Also, you can check the password you want to use with our password scanner that’s included in Alert to see whether that particular password has been leaked before (don’t use it if it has). If you would like more information, you can always contact our friendly support team, and we’ll help you figure out if you need to do anything else to secure your accounts.

Am I completely safe with Surfshark Alert?

No. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% impenetrable security tool or security suite that could offer you perfect protection from all the dangers lurking in the digital world.

However, with Alert you greatly improve chances to protect your accounts and identity, because you will be notified of any leaks as soon as they’re found in online databases. That will allow you to take necessary steps to secure your digital life.