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Crunchyroll, the premiere anime streaming platform on the web, features major geo-blocking. US users can see basically everything Crunchyroll can offer: anime, drama, simulcasts – the works. Those outside the country are a lot less lucky. However, Crunchyroll’s discrimination can be overcome by using a VPN. Read on to find out how to unlock Crunchyroll with a VPN!

How to access the entire Crunchyroll library with a VPN

  1. Get yourself a VPN. Free VPNs don’t have many servers or unblocked IPs. 
  2. Connect to a US server. Americans get the full Crunchyroll library. 
  3. Get on Crunchyroll. You probably know how to do that.
  4. Watch any anime you want. Now you’re enjoying the full benefits of a Crunchyroll VPN.

How can a VPN help me unlock Crunchyroll? 

Streaming companies like Crunchyroll want to expand their reach into new countries. Sadly, the complex web of geographic license agreements often gets in the way. That’s why an Indian weeb with a thirst for Japan’s finest moving pictures would get access to several hundred fewer shows than his counterpart in the US. It’s not surprising, that’s how Netflix and other big streaming services operate.

How can a VPN help me unlock Crunchyroll?

So what’s standing between you, your Reinhard von Lohengramm waifu-pillow, and an evening of Black Cover binge-watching? IP blocks. It’s the second most sophisticated way to implement geo-blocking. It’s what your major streaming services – Crunchyroll included – use as well. Once the website detects that you’re connecting from a different country, it presents you with the reduced library that you’re allowed to watch. It doesn’t matter if you’re shelling out for the Premium service as much as a decadent American OVA aficionado aka Disney+ does: Crunchyroll says “no.”

It all changes when you use Crunchyroll with a VPN. You see, a VPN changes your IP as it connects to a website from its server. If the server you chose is located in the US, Crunchyroll will see a US IP. And boom, you’re down in anime town, trying to pull off a suicide-by-One-Piece-marathon. As such, a VPN is your key to worldwide Crunchyroll access. Whether you’re an American who wants to keep up with the series while visiting Singapore or a Swede who loves to watch Isekai between moose rides, you’ll have access to everything. 

How to overcome Crunchyroll VPN blocks

Streaming websites aren’t happy with VPNs overcoming geo-blocking. But what can they do? Well, Crunchyroll blocks VPNs. To be precise, it tries to block the IPs of the VPN servers that it knows. So how can you overcome that like a harem anime’s protagonist overcomes his tsundere love interest’s violent impulses?

  1. Change your IP. Of course, not all VPNs allow that. 
  2. Change your VPN server. Here’s where paid VPNs shine: they have multiple servers – including multiple US servers. Just switch to a server that works. 
  3. Call customer support. Again, paid VPNs really, really shine here. For example, Surfshark live support is available 24/7. If they can’t help you with tips and tricks, they can bug the IT people to solve the problem from the server-side. 
  4. Get another VPN. Usually, this means dropping that free VPN and getting a premium VPN. 

Other benefits of getting a VPN for Crunchyroll

Anime isn’t the only thing that a VPN is good for! There are many other benefits that appear when you start using a virtual private network – and without any additional effort. 

Stream Netflix and other content privately
If you value your digital privacy, you should always have your VPN on. And yes, this also applies to watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and others.
Unlimited devices
Unlike most other VPNs, a Surfshark VPN account comes with an unlimited amount of installs allowed. Hook up your entire family/anime club with the best Crunchyroll experience.
Hide your weakness
Your ISP knows your deviant online activities. Hide your Crunchyroll addiction from the government’s prying eyes by encrypting your traffic with a VPN.
Stay safe on Wi-Fi
If you’re going to an anime con or a cosplay event, you’re probably using public Wi-Fi at some point. Guess what, criminals love those harder than Gendo Ikari loves neglecting his son. Protect your data (including Crunchyroll login information) with Surfshark.
Pretend you’re in Japan online
On the internet, nobody knows that you’re a cat. With Surfshark’s Japanese servers, nobody will know that you’re not in Japan either.
Pretend that you’re not in Japan online
The vast majority of Surfshark’s servers aren’t in Japan. Connect to one of those, and nobody will know that you’re posting from a bathroom in Tokyo Disneyland.

Crunchyroll and Surfshark: a match made in Akihabara

Wherever you are, anime is in your heart as well. Too bad Crunchyroll doesn’t feel like making that anime available there. However, with a VPN, you can unblock your animated manga no matter where you are. More than that, a VPN is useful if you want to see anime that networks other than Crunchyroll host. Try Surfshark, and this boring 3D world will seem nothing more than a dream!

Let’s stream some anime!