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Let’s dive into some of the most popular VPN use cases.

Instant Security


With Surfshark, you can protect yourself from data theft, tracking, surveillance, and commercial targeting.

Block ads, trackers & malware

The web is better when you’re safe. Forget malware & phishing attempts, and be free from ads.

针对公共 Wi-Fi,提供安全保证

Public Wi-Fi can come in handy - but it’s a goldmine for hackers. Use Surfshark to protect your connection.

Be secure while online banking

Our diamond-strong end-to-end encryption & malware filters ensure safe online banking, every time.

Secure your crypto assets

Encrypt your data and avoid malware. Make sure your wallet cannot be traced and identified via your IP address.

Protect yourself while gaming

Most gamers have heard about the horrors of doxxing or even swatting. Shield yourself with Surfshark.

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Instant Privacy

Bring your entertainment abroad

There’s no need to miss your favorite shows when you travel just because they’re only available back home.

Bypass censorship. Everywhere.

The internet should be an open hub of knowledge and sharing. With Surfshark, you can access any content, from anywhere.

Stream live sports safely

Stream safely with Surfshark. You won’t suffer from buffering and will be able to watch your matches in HD, without annoying pop-ups.


Check the prices in different countries and score a great deal. Works like a charm with airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals.

Enjoy safe & fast torrenting

Make sure that you’re private and secure when seeding or downloading P2P files. You won’t get big speed drops.

Watch content privately

Stay private and secure at all times. Watch whatever you want, and don’t worry about anyone watching you.

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