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Free DNS Changer for Android & iOS - Trust DNS

Bypass Censorship & Secure your Online Activity

  • Unblock websites & apps
  • Stay private on the internet
  • Enjoy the best speed

How Does DNS Changer Work?

DNS (Domain Naming Service) changer is a service that translates domain names – like – to numerical IP addresses that machines use to communicate with each other. Right now, your DNS provider is most likely your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

That means that they can see what websites you visit and provide this information to authorities if required by law.

Why Should I Use DNS Changer?

Unblock Websites

If you cannot access YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Telegram, or anything else, it means that your ISP may block the connection to these sites. Use free DNS resolver to unblock censored content, including websites, apps, and videos.

Stay Private on the Internet

Get Trust DNS to mask your online activities from unsolicited snooping. Change your DNS to ensure private browsing and protect your privacy.

Enjoy Lightning Speed

Free Trust DNS app is proof that remarkable speed and internet privacy can go hand in hand.

Change DNS in a Secure Way


All your DNS queries are encrypted with HTTPS protocol – created for extra security, valued for its speed.

DNS over TLS

TLS is similar to HTTPS because the focal point is strong encryption. The main difference between them is routing via different ports.

Anycast network

Anycast network connects you to the nearest server to ensure the fastest speed and the optimal experience.

No-logs policy 

We do not store your data or log your online activities as per our strict No Logs Policy.

Get DNS Changer App for Android & iOS

Unblock websites & stay secure online with Trust DNS


1. How to change DNS?

Follow four easy steps to change your DNS settings:

1. Install and open Trust DNS app
2. Tap ‘Connect’
3. Allow the app to make a VPN connection (we need to initiate a VPN tunnel to change your DNS).
4. That’s it! Your DNS is different now.

2. Why do I need a different DNS?

Your ISP can collect your browsing information & sell it to third parties. Governments can block access to websites as they please. On top of that, people (not even real hackers) can get a special adapter online, scan your WiFi & exploit your personal data. To protect your privacy, you need to change your DNS.

3. Is Trust DNS related to Surfshark?

Trust DNS is created by Surfshark. Trust DNS is a completely free app that provides a basic layer of privacy. We hope Trust DNS will get us closer to our mission to make privacy protection tools accessible for everyone.

4. Is using Trust DNS safe?

Yes, absolutely. We only use industry-leading security protocols to protect your privacy. However, please note that a DNS resolver cannot encrypt all your data, only your DNS queries. In other words, it encrypts only information about what websites you are visiting. If you want to encrypt all your data, we recommend downloading Surfshark VPN.

5. Do I need an account?

No. All you need to do is download Trust DNS app for Android or iOS, press ‘Connect’, and that’s it!

6. Can I get an app for Mac, Windows, or other device?

Currently, no, Trust DNS works on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

7. Why DNS changer can’t unblock some region-restricted sites?

Trust DNS can overcome only DNS level restriction. If access to some websites in your country is blocked using deep packet analysis or IP blocking, then you have to use a premium VPN service to overcome the restrictions.