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What is Trust DNS?

DNS (Domain Naming Service) is a service that translates domain names – like – to numerical IP addresses that machines understand much better than words. It works the other way around, too! Right now, your DNS provider is probably also your Internet Service Provider. That means that if they want to, they can see what domains you visit.
Trust DNS is a free tool that helps you bypass censorship, access blocked websites, & browse privately. Free your internet, for free! We have a strict no-logs policy & zero ads in the app. It’s just an app which can change your DNS server.

Why should I change my DNS?

Access blocked sites & apps

Do you know what Wikipedia, YouTube, and Telegram have in common? Well, they get blocked a lot. If you change your DNS, you can access all legitimate sites & services.

Protect your privacy

If your DNS provider keeps logs, they can both see what sites you visit and use that data however they please. Protect your data from being sold & used with Trust DNS.

Avoid buffering & lagging

One of the key advantages of Trust DNS is its remarkable speed. There’s no need to sacrifice convenience in your quest for online privacy with our app.

Trust DNS takes security & privacy seriously



All your DNS queries will be encrypted with DoH protocol – which is also known for its speed. This industry-leading method is great for your privacy.  

DNS over TLS

We only use security protocols you can trust. DoT was made to protect the users’ privacy and to shield them from man-in-the-middle attacks. 

Anycast network

We’re optimized for speed! Since we use Anycast network, you will get to use the closest server to you that suits your needs. 

No-logs policy 

We pretty much know nothing about you. We definitely know nothing about what you do with Trust DNS – and we intend to always keep it that way. 

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1. Is Trust DNS related to Surfshark?

Trust DNS is created by Surfshark. We’ve already expanded beyond VPN, however, our key goal remains the same: to help everyone feel safe & private online. Since this is a completely free product that doesn’t even require registration, we hope that it will get us closer to our mission and bring better internet to people worldwide.

2. Is using Trust DNS safe?

Absolutely. We only use industry-leading security protocols and we make it a point to protect your privacy. However, please note that a DNS resolver cannot encrypt all your data, only your DNS queries. If you want to encrypt all your data, we recommend downloading our Surfshark VPN apps.

3. Do I need an account?

No. All you need to do is download our Android app and that’s it!

4. Can I get an app for Mac, Windows, or other device?

We’re starting off with just the Android application, but we hope to expand in the future.