Refer friends and unlock growing rewards

  • Get more than one year of Surfshark for free
  • Give 30 bonus days of Surfshark to every friend you invite

Note: currently, the referral program only works on our Windows, Android & iOS apps.

What rewards do I get?


Bronze reward

One invited friend gets you 1 free month of Surfshark on top of your subscription.


Silver reward

You get 6 free months of Surfshark for the 3rd friend you invite.


Gold reward

When you invite your 5th friend, you get 12 free months of Surfshark.

How does it work?

Invite your friend

Do you know somebody who would benefit from Surfshark? Give them a shout!

Wait for one month

We need to make sure that your friend still has Surfshark account after 30 days - just to keep it fair.

Get rewards!

Once we confirm that, we’ll reward you - and you’ll get better gifts the more friends you invite!

Is there anything else I should know?

Where can I find my referral link?

Go to your Windows, Android, or iOS app, and you will find a whole new section for referring your friends in settings - it’s called Earn free months. You can generate a link there!

Can I invite a friend who already used Surfshark before?

This program is for inviting new users only - you will not get rewards for inviting yourself, or your friends who already have Surfshark accounts.

When will I get my rewards?

Your friend (or friends!) has to keep their subscription for at least 30 days. That’s to make sure dishonest people don’t take advantage of this deal and ruin it for the rest of us!

Can I participate in this program without having a Surfshark subscription?

Sorry, no. You have to have an active subscription to start referring your friends.

Will I get the rewards if my friend buys the subscription via an app store?

No. Your friend must use the link you give them to buy Surfshark subscription via our website - that’s the only way we will know that it was you who invited this person to join!

Unlock the reward system

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