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Get up to 2 years of Surfshark VPN for free!

  • Gift a free month of VPN to your friends
  • Stack your rewards and earn up to 2 years of Surfshark

Here’s how it works

Invite friends

Share your unique referral link with friends via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, smoke signals, or whatever works for you.

They subscribe

Your friend signs-up with your link and stays with Surfshark for 30 days.They’ll need to be a brand-new subscriber to Surfshark.

You get rewarded

We will automatically extend your subscription when you reach each milestone. Easy, right?

Popular questions answered

Where’s my referral link?

Go to your Windows, Android or iOS app and find Settings. You’ll see a section called Earn free months. Simply click the button and generate the link there.

Can I invite friends who used Surfshark before?

Sadly, no. Your friends have to be brand-new to Surfshark and use your link when they create a new account.

When will I get my reward?

Your friends have to keep their subscription for at least 30 days. Once that time comes, your rewards will be automatically added to your account.

Can I join this program without a Surfshark subscription?

No, you need an active Surfshark account to generate your unique link.

Will I get rewarded if my friends subscribe via an App store?

No, because we have no way of knowing that it was you who invited them! Your friends should buy Surfshark via our website, using the link you shared with them.

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