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Whoa, it’s totally radical to see you here.

We love Windows ‘95 too, but this was just a trip down the nostalgia lane. To make this worth your while, we created hella cool desktop wallpapers!

Take me back to ‘95
vpn for windows

Join the wave of nostalgia

No seriously, everybody here uses them now. We’re like the Breakfast Club, but instead of detention we all have 90’s themed Surfshark wallpapers.

“Since 1995”

If we had branded mousepads, this would totally be the design we’d use.

1920 x 1080   800 x 600

“Only 5 floppy disks”

Of course, Surfshark would be SO lightweight you wouldn’t need a whole box of floppy disks.

1920 x 1080   800 x 600

“That’s Rad!”

This is what your friends would say after seeing what Surfshark does in 1995.

1920 x 1080   800 x 600

“The struggle is real!”

If you know, you know.

1920 x 1080   800 x 600

With love, Surfshark <3

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