About Surfshark's research hub

We are a research team dedicated to data-driven investigations into digital wellbeing, privacy, cybersecurity, and other topics that help people decode their digital worlds. With our studies, we seek to show how our world is being impacted by modern technologies through relevant statistics and trends.

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Credible sources and fact-based findings

In-depth analyses and reporting

Humanized approach to digital issues

Socially responsible research topics

Surfshark's research hub team
A smiling woman with her hair tied back in a gray blazer.
Agneska Sablovskaja

Research Lead

A bearded man in a dark blue shirt.
Kasparas Kajus Jucaitis


 A woman in a white t-shirt and a black blazer.
Lina Survila

PR Lead

A smiling woman with glasses in a brown checkered blazer.
Egle Grasys

PR Manager

A woman in a black and white striped shirt and a black blazer.
Indre Liubinaite

PR Manager

A woman in a black shirt and a gray blazer.
Vaiva Norkunaite

PR Manager

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