Subscription Renewal Prices

The prices shown on this page are in US dollars. All subscription plans are charged in the currency in which the first payment was made and will renew automatically at full price. For that reason, we will inform you about subscription renewal 30 days before the ending date (excluding 1-month plans).
An introductory promotional deal for the first term of the subscription may have been included in the initial purchase. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change; however, we will notify you via email before being charged.
When buying a subscription plan for the first time, we’ll add the sales tax that applies in the country you selected (or left the pre-selected one) as your purchase location. The sales tax amount will be calculated using the current rate on the day the charge is deducted from your account.
The Surfshark VPN subscription and Surfshark One add-on are subject to their own renewal terms listed below.

Renewal prices (before taxes) for Surfshark VPN subscription

Plan durationRenewal Price
2-year$59.76 (for 1-year)
3-year$59.76 (for 1-year)

Renewal prices (before taxes) for Surfshark One add-on subscription

The renewal price for the Surfshark One add-on is calculated based on the duration of your VPN subscription. For example, if you have a 24-month VPN subscription, then your add-on, as a part of your VPN subscription will be renewed to a 12-month plan. So, the Surfshark One add-on renewal price will be $17.88 (12 months x $1.49/mo).