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  • Enjoy robust webcam protection
  • Be protected from the newest viruses
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Antivirus is a part of Surfshark One

Surfshark One — a cybersecurity bundle for all-over protection. Surf the web without tracking, secure your devices from malware, & guard your accounts’ security with one easy-to-use app.

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Enjoy secure online adventures with 24/7 privacy protection by the award-winning Surfshark VPN

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Surfshark Antivirus — powerful device protection securing everything: from your webcam to your files.

Instant data leak notifications for enhanced security with Surfshark Alert

Browse ad-free without digital footprints with Surfshark Search engine.

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Generate a new online identity & a proxy email with Alternative ID

Discover even more with Surfshark

VPN changes your IP address so your location becomes invisible.
Antivirus scans programs whenever you download, install, or use them.
Alert notifies you if your email, credit card, or ID is leaked in a breach.
Search gives organic browsing results without ads or trackers.
Alternative ID creates a new identity & email for online registrations.
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Frequently asked questions

Surfshark is a cybersecurity company focused on developing humanized privacy and security solutions. Our products include a VPN, Antivirus, Alert (a data leak detection system), Search (a private search tool), and Incogni (an automated personal data removal system).
First, you should get a Surfshark subscription. After this, download and install the Surfshark app. Next step — log in to the app with your credentials. Once done, you can explore Surfshark products & features. More on how to do that here.
No, but you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try Surfshark risk-free for 30 days, and if you change your mind, you will be fully refunded.
No. Surfshark Antivirus, Alert, and Search are sold in a single bundle with our VPN to provide a better all-over security experience to our users.