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Guard your email accounts

Get immediate alerts any time your email address appears in breached online databases so that you can take action.

Check what data was leaked

See what kind of information was leaked. Over 60 different data points included (passwords, address, etc.)

Protect your CC

If your credit card number ever appears in leaked databases, you will get alerts so that you can prevent theft.

Safeguard your identity

Your identity number (i.e. SSN) theft can lead to huge monetary losses and ruined credit. Track your ID number’s security with Alert.

Comes with a free Surfshark VPN subscription

Protect your privacy

Get Surfshark VPN to protect your online activities on all the devices you have

Secure your identity

Use VPN to hide your IP address, and encrypt sensitive data you send & receive.

Prevent tracking

Enable VPN to prevent companies, hackers, or bots tracking you online.

Block ads

Make sure online advertisers don’t manipulate you based on your browsing habits

Monitor as many emails as you want

Surfshark Alert allows you to add an unlimited number of emails to ensure your whole family's digital security.