Surfshark breach alert graphic

According to our research, over 52% of the top 1,000,000 domains have been caught up in security breaches. Various companies are being targeted by relentless hackers looking to exploit security loops and acquire valuable private information. That is why Surfshark is introducing a new business security tool called Surfshark Alert

“Although VPNs are a must nowadays, this technology alone doesn’t cover all the necessary aspects, especially when we’re talking about business solutions,” says Naomi Hodges, the Cybersecurity Advisor at Surfshark. “Breach detection solution Surfshark Alert is a natural reaction to the current digital security landscape, and will enable business to effectively manage cyber security risks.” 

Employing VPN technology to perform everyday company operations can help prevent many security issues, and access internal company resources safely from remote locations. However, additional tools are required for in-house security management as well as preventative measures that can be implemented upon different stages of user cycle or employee onboarding.  

Unfortunately, 95% of breaches happen due to the sheer difficulty of enforcing the best security practices among employees. Good user experience is crucial to combat this issue, and it’s simple to achieve while using Surfshark Alert.

Our business-to-business solution allows using an easy-to-implement API, powered by one of the most extensive databases out there. Therefore, any company can implement a password security check for their users upon sign up or at a different stage of the user cycle – and that’s just one possible use case.

It can help prevent ATO (Account Takeover), which is a type of identity theft that works by malicious agents taking over, for example, employee accounts. Companies can use Surfshark Alert both to determine inner and outer data exposures and enable proactive risk prevention.

With the capacity to scan the entire internet in just two days and to detect 500 sources of breached data per day, Surfshark Alert can become an essential part of any company’s security. 

Are you interested in analyzing your business security? Let’s get in touch and we will offer a solution that will suit your needs. For more information, please contact your potential account manager at [email protected]