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Check What Kind of Digital Quality of Life You Get in Your Country

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Why We Did DQL 2019

The world is hyperconnected. Over half of the world’s population is using the internet, and more social interactions happen in the digital sphere, people’s physical lives are profoundly affected by their digital well-being. 

However, there’s a digital blindspot since there is no comprehensive way to enable people and organizations to critically assess and discuss their digital environment. And start a conversation to compare and measure their digital lives. 

digital quality of life

With the help of experts from the cybersecurity field Surfshark,,,,,,,,, and, open-source data from the United Nations, Freedom House, World’s bank and other databases, it all came down to 6 critical criteria, and 65 countries were ranked according to their performance in: 

  • the speed of internet connectivity
  • internet affordability
  • cybersecurity of a country 
  • the availability of data protection laws 
  • e-government services availability 
  • global content access

What Did DQL 2019 Find


How a perfect DQL 2019 country would look like

Some fascinating results came out! It was interesting to see the strengths and weaknesses of each country. A few little insights:

  • The median value of the 2019 DQL index is 0.6110/1.000, which reveals that the overall digital quality of life is mediocre. No country scored over 0.8000, indicating drawbacks in various areas.
  • Digital quality of life correlates with the country’s GDP/capita. An increase of 0.0300 in the DQL score can potentially add up to $10 thousand to the country’s GDP/capita.
  • Well-developed internet infrastructure ≠ high DQL as a composition of less tangible factors (cybersecurity, personal data protection, etc.) is essential as well.
  • 62 out of 65 countries have data protection laws or their drafts in place. However, in many cases, the apparent commitment to protect personal data is illusory.
  • Investment in mobile internet is the crucial ingredient ensuring the sustainable improvement of the digital quality of life in the long run, especially in developing economies.

And many more insights! 

Check What Kind of Digital Quality of Life You Get in Your Country

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