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Without a VPN you are exposed to real online threats


Data thieves look for unprotected devices, and those that do not use encryption are easy targets.

Malware & phishing

These types of attacks are common, and it’s difficult to avoid them without protection.

Identity theft

If you don’t use security software, you might end up getting your login credentials stolen.

Ad manipulation

It is easy for advertisers to influence your behavior if you expose all your browsing habits.

ISP tracking

Without a VPN, your internet provider can collect & sell your data to advertisers.

Price discrimination

Online businesses might show you higher prices if they see you are in a more affluent city.

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Linux SysAdmin (evening/night/weekend shifts)

What do we do?

We are the heart of Surfshark – we keep the infrastructure alive and working. Our purpose is to deliver quality services for our customers and stable platforms for our peers.

What are we about?  

We like to think of our everyday work as a learning and growing experience. We are on the lookout for possibilities on how to solve issues. If there is no straight path to a solution, we use our creativity/imagination/x-men power and charm in order to reach any goal. If you want to understand how the world works – this team is for you.

Who works in our team? 

Nice, wholesome, and friendly people who are able to stay calm and share their knowledge. We are able to give constructive criticism while being helpful and supportive to one another. Our team roles include systems administrators, network engineers, monitoring experts, infrastructure analysts, Cloud specialists, and security supervisors.

What tools do we use?

Our current stack is managed by Ansible and Terraform. We also use Git on a daily basis, run on Debian Linux, use Cloud virtual machines and bare-metal servers. Our eyes are Grafana, Tick stack, M3 database. We always keep in mind that our tools are just as good as the brains behind it.  

If you want to:

  • Be responsible for troubleshooting and resolving issues related to infrastructure;
  • Provide help to the Customer support team’s request and alerts in a timely manner;
  • Take ownership of the new server provisioning process;
  • Actively cooperate with the team in resolving core-related issues, such as API overload, database outage, etc.;
  • Execute upgrades of low complexity (for example, Jira server upgrades).

And you can check off:

  • Experience and interest in the administration of Linux;
  • Proven knowledge of various cybersecurity solutions;
  • Capacity to work under pressure and in collaboration with a team;
  • Self-motivation and a can-do attitude;
  • Solid time management skills;
  • Availability to work evening/night/weekend shifts;
  • Excellent English skills, especially written;
  • Proactive and helpful personality.

Here’s the deal: 

  • Gross salary 1400 – 4300 EUR/month + bonuses for night shifts;
  • Choice of the tools you need to do your best;
  • Private health insurance and a physical health coach;
  • Half-day off on your birthday;
  • Flexibility regarding your work setting;
  • Additional vacation days depending on your tenure;
  • Half a day/month dedicated to learning with all the material you need;
  • Oh, and premium Surfshark accounts for you, your family and friends!

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