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Here’s Matt Ferrell's gift just for you

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"I have been using Surfshark since I got it and I love it."

10.4M subscribers

"I'll be honest, I only downloaded Surfshark because I made an ad for it, but then I started using it, and it's genuinely brilliant and I genuinely use it all the time now. It's actually kinda suspicious how simple and reliable and useful and easy to use it is."

Jay Foreman
1.15M subscribers

"It doesn’t get much easier than this. I’ve got Surfshark setup on all my devices, so I’m just a couple of taps away from browsing securely wherever I am. Big thumbs up."

Matt Ferrell
859K subscribers

"Surfshark is not only a great VPN that allows me to access whatever content I want but they also let me say whatever I want! Eat bricks, kids!"

7.13M subscribers

"There are so many VPNs to choose from - but my wife and I always use Surfshark. It's really simple to use (I love the Chrome browser extension), and it means I can browse safely and securely wherever I am in the world! Highly recommended!"

The Tech Chap
1.25M subscribers

"We absolutely LOVE using Surfshark! We’re huge fans of the brand and this VPN has literally changed our lives!"

Rose and Rosie
1M subscribers

"I love using Surfshark because I get to watch all the content that's available but couldn't because of my location!"

63K subscribers

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Encrypt your internet activity so no one can track or steal your data.

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Stay secure online, whether you’re using public WiFi, banking, or traveling - Surfshark will keep you worry-free.

Find the best prices online

Get amazing deals on flight tickets, car rentals, hotels, and even software by connecting from a different country.

Block ads & malware

Prevent malware or phishing attempts from getting to you. Plus, you can forget ads & trackers ever existed.

1 subscription. Unlimited devices.

You only need 1 subscription to cover every gadget in your house. Download our apps and use Surfshark on all your family’s devices.

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