Free Trust DNS app enables its users to reach censored content, for instance, Wikipedia in Turkey, YouTube in Thailand, etc. It does this by bypassing DNS level blocking. However, it did not allow our users to unlock popular streaming libraries. Until today.

Trust DNS+ upgrade enables them also to enjoy streaming video content that is not yet available in their countries. The upgrade costs only $0.99/month and is accessible to all Trust DNS users.

With Trust DNS+, one can enjoy the full Netflix and Disney Plus experience! The premium upgrade expands the scope of the free app and includes new functionality. Apart from overcoming geo-blocking, it automatically whitelists the last three IP addresses. This will come handy to users who casually connect to home Wi-Fi, go on mobile data when outside, and then hop on work or cafe Wi-Fi. The app will handle the transitions without any user input.

For $0.99/month Trust DNS+ allows unlocking streaming libraries that would otherwise be only available for users in the United States and the United Kingdom, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Sky Go, Amazon Prime, and other.

Free DNS resolver Trust DNS and its new upgrade is now available for all Android users on Google Play.

However, Trust DNS+ does not offer the full functionality of a VPN service as it does not encrypt user data. Also, it does not overcome IP-level or DPI blocking types. For that, one should choose a Surfshark VPN.