How to Privately Watch Adult Content with a VPN

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is like a private key to access the internet. This means that everything you do online is secured and private. So that you don’t have to think who is watching you while you surf the net. On top of that, you can get any content you want, without any limits.

Actually, the complete majority of people use VPN for entertainment (like access geo-restricted websites or stream Netflix). Hence, VPN is no longer something designed for the tech-savvy – it’s an easy to use tool to make your internet habits secure.

Regarding adult content, VPNs give two significant benefits:

#1 Privacy

Your internet service provider (ISP), websites, governments, advertisers – they all track you for different reasons. Even if you turned on ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ mode – it lowers the tracking by a complete minimum. There’s a joke that private mode only hides your activity from your SO, and it’s not wholly untrue.

When you use a reliable VPN, your traffic is soundly encrypted. The ISP can see you’re using one, but can’t look at the contents. Surfshark’s servers are obfuscated by default. Basically, this means, that only you know you’re connected to a VPN.

Also, a VPN changes your IP address, which makes it extremely difficult to track you.

#2 Security

Adult websites are like a goldmine for scammers. They are loaded with malicious links and ads. Just one click on a wrong link can infect your device with malware. Surfshark protects you from malware, phishing and also blocks those annoying ads.

However, you should always be cautious before clicking on anything.

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What Is Sextortion

Free adult websites are full of advertisement. You can quickly click on a malicious link and infect your device with malware. But nowadays hackers are way more creative. There’s a scam called “sextortion” which earned good money for criminals in 2018.

Sextortion is a form of cyber blackmail. Scammers usually take login credentials that were seized from previous data breaches and use them to extort money.

You can get an email with your actual password in the email title, and a scammer was asking to pay thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency if you don’t want them to share a video of you watching adult content. Criminals claim they have accessed your webcam and have videos of you which will be shared with all of your contact lists if you don’t obey.

Sextortion is particularly dangerous because it’s often well crafted and for an average user it’s difficult to determine whether it’s real. Especially, if you didn’t know your email account was compromised and you haven’t changed your password for a while.


Sextortion is a form of cyber blackmail

Adult Content – Not Accessible for Everyone

Pornography is considered as an NSFW (not safe for work) content. Which also involves:

  • Games
  • Movies
  • Any other content that is against the company’s policy

Some countries are stringent toward adult movies online. The legality of adult content varies from country to country.

  • Americas

18+ and 19+ year-olds can watch any adult content.

Except in Cuba and Trinidad & Tobago, where streaming adult movies is illegal, websites blocked.

  • Asia

Asia is a little bit more complicated. It is legal to watch porn in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia (partially), South Korea, Singapore (partially).

Illegal in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kuwait, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand, Turkmenistan.

Also, most of the countries block adult websites. They are only available in Hong Kong, India, South Korea, and Singapore.

  • Europe

Legal for 16+ and 18+ year-olds. Except for Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Iceland, and Ukraine.

In Turkey, it’s legal to watch, but websites are being blocked by the government.

For example, in the UK, users accessing pornography websites have to prove their age. Otherwise, the site can be fined up to £250 000. This, however, raised serious concerns from the experts. Yes, this may help to protect children from age-inappropriate content, but there are privacy issues – people will have to provide untrusted websites with sensitive information.

  • Africa

Watching pornography online is only legal in Nigeria and South Africa. While only Morocco doesn’t block websites.

  • Oceania

Australia and New Zealand have a liberal attitude if you’re 18+, while Papua New Guinea forbids watching and blocks websites.

How Many People Watch Porn

According to PornHub’s annual report, the website has around 100 million visits each day, or 33.5 billion in 2018. That’s about 574 MB of data for every person on Earth.

Hence, everybody watches porn, and as long as the content isn’t abusive in any way, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, right? Naturally, since this isn’t a topic everybody escalates publically, users are keen on staying private while they surf adult websites. VPN gives you the privacy you need.

How to Safely and Privately Access Adult Content

If you’re an adult simply looking for, ahem, check what’s up on those websites, you can do it in 3 easy steps:

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2. Connect to a preferred location

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3. Surf freely
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