Since many websites alter the price of things depending on where a person is located, a VPN can be a great benefit to anyone who wants to get the best rates and deals.

The amount of money and you can save with a VPN on many different aspects of the trip is mind-blowing when added all up. Be sure to install one before you plan anything so that you have more money to spend on fun things during the trip.

5 Ways to Save Money During a Vacation

Here are five ways to save money with the use of a VPN when planning a vacation.

1. Save Money on Car Rentals

When renting a car, the website often checks where you are in relation to the place you will need the vehicle. If the site detects that you will need the car since you will be visiting another city, they can jack up the price because they know you need transportation no matter what. The price can also be inflated if you are searching for a different country. The average income of that region is calculated when determining the amount of such rentals. This is where a VPN comes in. If you change the location to that of the place you are renting, you will get a fair price for each vehicle.

price discrimination

You can save a lot of money just by changing your virtual location with Surfshark

2. Get Cheaper Plane Tickets

Most people are aware of how different dates affect the price of airlines, but did you know that your location can often play an even bigger role in the ticket price? If you search for tickets on websites like, by using a VPN and switching to a different location, you can see how the price of the same ticket changes. In some cases, you can save up to $100 or even more. This can really go a long way when planning a week-long vacation trip. HERE you can read our extended article on the topic.

3. Get Better Hotel Deals

Searching for the exact same hotel room is an incredibly easy way to see how much you can save with a VPN. When selecting a server with the same country as the hotel, the price was far cheaper than when the location of the VPN was set to an overseas location. In fact, the savings are sometimes close to a hundred dollars per night. This can add up very quickly on trips that require staying at the same hotel for a string of days. Much like with car rentals, the booking site knows that people from other countries won’t always know the going rate of foreign places. This is why a virtual private network is your best friend when looking at hotels for a vacation.

To get better hotel, car rental and hotel deals you simply follow these steps:

  1. Get Surfshark so that your location and identity would be difficult to track.
  2. Delete your digital footprint, a.k.a. browsing history, browser cache, and cookies from browser settings.
  3. Activate incognito (or private) mode that allows you to browse without saving your history.

4. Preserve Mobile Data While on the Road

Surfshark offers an opportunity to save mobile data when you are traveling and don’t have access to WiFi. With CleanWeb™ feature, Surfshark prevents all pop-ups and ads from loading on the web pages you visit. This works for all smartphones, tablets, and laptop devices. These distractions are not only annoying, but they use your mobile data and bandwidth to load up in the first place. Keeping them at bay with Surfshark makes all your favorite sites load quicker and use much less of your data plan.

In addition, Surfshark prevents hacking attempts by phishers and others. This is a common practice at various tourist traps around the world. When someone has just traveled halfway around the globe, it can be nearly impossible to determine where their info was hacked. VPNs allow users to travel without worrying about these malicious attempts.

5. Safely Use Wifi Wherever You Go

public wifi

It’s important to secure your connections on a public WiFi

Numerous apps allow you to access free WiFi from your mobile device even if you are not near any of the usual hotspots like a McDonald’s or Starbucks. When not by businesses that offer this service, you can use apps like WiFi You and WiFi Map in order to find the closest connection. These apps search for open networks or the passwords of closed networks. Don’t worry, these passwords are user-submitted, so nobody is having their privacy violated.

Of course, using these services unprotected can lead to you getting hacked. Since many people tap into these networks to get WiFi, phishers target them to get a large pool of potential victims. By using Surfshark, you can prevent your data from being traced. Always remember to use a virtual private network when using any sort of third party app that opens up your connection.

Save money when planning a vacation with Surfshark

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